They have created a mobile bubble whose air reaches 99.995% purity, as well as the widest range of purification in the world

Zonair3D is an innovative Catalan company whose origin and activity is based on its concern about air pollution and the presence of viruses in enclosed spaces. 

The firm was created in 2006 with the vision of providing maximum air purity in indoor spaces, as well as controlling the presence of viruses in hospitals. Since its foundation, it has managed to create the widest range on the market in air purification systems that cover all needs, from domestic use to air purification in large spaces.

Its products are divided into two main lines. On the one hand, they offer portable air purifiers that remove polluting gases and suspended particles from spaces such as homes, clinics or offices; and on the other, they offer integrated air purifiers, which are installed in the same cabin, through the false ceiling.

All its solutions are tested through an exhaustive quality control thanks to an ultrafine particle measurement sensor, to verify that they are 100% watertight, that is, that their filters do not pass EVEN the smallest particles, offering 0.0 particles. The airflow goes through all stages of filtration without loss. Its ULPA filters are capable of removing particles up to 0.1 microns.

In 2014, the firm reached a collaboration agreement with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) on projects on the study and improvement of air quality in schools and public utility spaces, promoting the first pure air gyms with the Pure Air Control system, in Barcelona and Madrid.

Their most disruptive product has become very popular among big brands and elite athletes, especially after the pandemic. It is a bubble of pure air converted into the first mobile space where it is possible to breathe air of a purity that reaches 99.995% in continuous regeneration, free of polluting particles and bacteriological and allergenic agents ISO5. In addition, it significantly reduces gaseous pollutants to comfort levels. This bubble has specific applications for elite athletes, wellness centers and even hospitals and medical centers. In fact, organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières use this system to create campaign operating rooms.

Currently, Zonair3D has two production centers, one located in Caldes de Montbui and another in Granollers (Barcelona). The team that makes up the company, which currently exceeds 50 workers, has a high degree of specialization that allows the firm to be present in more than 20 countries through a network of more than 20 distributors and 1,000 sellers.

The company is in the process of national expansion with a plan to open its own stores in cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Castellón; as well as the implementation of a franchise model in the medium term. In terms of production, the firm intends to acquire a third plant, which exceeds in extension the two pre-existing ones. In addition, they are deploying their products to new sectors such as automobiles and public transport.

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, awareness of the importance of purified air has skyrocketed globally in all sectors. For Zonair3D, it became a challenge and, at the same time, a great business opportunity, since the system devised by Xavier Trillo, CEO of the company, became an effective tool to combat COVID-19 anywhere on the planet. "The demands have grown with the coronavirus, since there is an awareness that indoor air quality is very important," explains Trillo. 

Virus removal is one of the pillars of Zonair3D's filtration products. Its purification system uses several filters that trap microparticles from the air, being an effective system to control COVID-19 particles in suspension within enclosed spaces. In this sense, the R&D department of the firm has worked side by side with the UPC and the CSIC with the desire to offer the highest quality and effectiveness in its solutions. Today they exclusively incorporate the nano fibers with viricide patented by the CSIC in their absolute filters HEPA H14 and ULPA U15.

Currently, most of Zonair3D's revenue comes from abroad. The company is present in more than 20 countries spread over Europe, the Middle East and Asia, mainly, with special strength in the Chinese market due to the high air pollution in its cities.

Taking into account the pandemic situation this year, Zonair3D expects to close this year with a turnover that exceeds 20 million euros, which means multiplying by almost seven the revenues registered in 2020.

Among Zonair3D's customers are major brands such as Luis Vuitton, Carrier, Veritas, Grupo Antolín, Renfe or FGC.



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