They have come to revolutionize communication in the tourism sector

Nomads Turismo is an interactive digital tool created specifically for the improvement of communication for the sake of tourism. The company implements all the necessary tools to offer its customers a total service, with all the study of the scope area, developing a relationship of contacts to improve the tourist experience of its customers.

It is aimed at tourist establishments and professionals in the sector (accommodation, catering and tourist advisors), offering them a comprehensive service that covers all their needs, from the implementation of the physical business to its transition to digital.

Nomads was born with the desire to innovate and revolutionize communication in the tourism sector, very punished by the pandemic. Its solutions come in a new format that encourages the tourist who reaches Nomads customers to obtain direct and concrete information on each need that arises throughout their stay, facilitating the consumption or enjoyment of the specific services offered in the tourist destination from the same tool linked to the client.

It is an attractive and simple way to offer customers the best services of tourist establishments. The tool addresses the demanding needs of guests that the accommodation itself cannot cover and, in addition, in several languages, complemented with other extras such as tourist recommendations and activities or experiences in each city, whose functionality is adaptable to any type of business. 

Nomad was born with the desire to innovate and revolutionize communication in the tourism sector, very punished by the pandemic.

They offer an online booking platform integrated into their own website, as well as a download display in the establishment itself. This solution, aimed at improving tourism, offers both tourist and gastronomic information, indicating the most interesting places to visit, how to move around the city and province, the best establishments to eat during the day, the most frequented shopping areas, the leisure and entertainment venues, as well as the maps of the city. In addition, they plan the itinerary with personalized routes for 2, 3 and 5 days, including a significant city route.

Nomads also makes sure that the experience is as complete as possible, including options for activities and accommodations. The digital tool collects the best experiences and activities of the environment, organized with a selection of highlights selected by the company itself, which the client can access and hire from anywhere. On the other hand, they offer a complete section where the locations of all the accommodations contained in the tool of each city are located.

This solution offers information about the establishment such as telephone, WhatsApp, mail, web, how to get there, nearby parking, information for check-in, WIFI key, emergency number, weather information, score and reservations in Booking and Expedia. In addition, they include a list of extra services, such as car rental, take away, transfer or breakfast service, among others, facilitating access to all services through a single platform.

Nomads Turismo improves the communication of tourist establishments with their customers through its totally personalized tool, offering visibility of the business adapted to the needs and characteristics of each city. In addition, for each experience that their customers sell through the digital dossier they offer, they will receive a commission, thus encouraging tourism and the service sector.

But Nomads Turismo is also presented as a 360 agency, whose tools have been designed to revolutionize tourism communication. They solve and manage all the needs related to digital marketing that any business related to the tourism sector may present. They have, for this, a multidisciplinary team, with professionals specialized in the different areas of the business sector, guaranteeing the best results.

From its Web Design department, Nomads offers from the design of a landing to promote an offer or service, to the development of the corporate website of the business of its clients. As an added value, the brand also offers a branding service, designing the business image that its customers may need. In addition, they offer the design, development and positioning of an ecommerce, in case its implementation is necessary.

Among its most outstanding partners, it is worth highlighting companies with great trajectory and popularity in the tourism sector such as Civitatis, Sixt, AVVA (Association, of Tourist Housing of Andalusia) Nannyfy, Va De Hotel or Travelfine.



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