Aotech Security Solutions have developed an innovative tool to adapt to the new era of online teaching after the pandemic

Aotech has developed an innovative and revolutionary tool to offer a solution to the hybrid environments of educational centers, it is Class In The Box, a small device that, connected directly to the computer, allows to retransmit the class or record it, create a dynamic experience to the students remotely by changing cameras, while eliminating all background noise, all in a really simple way so that the technical aspects do not suppose the slightest difficulty. 

Aotech, a Spanish technology company, has been characterized by specialization and innovation in all lines of its business, and especially in the educational field, offering solutions to centers distributed throughout the Spanish territory. It was especially affected by the confinement and return to the new normality due to the pandemic, which they consider as a revulsive to introduce new opportunities in education to create learning experiences based on collaboration and communication.

"This system was born at a time when society needed to communicate more than ever from their homes, a difficult time that was presented as an opportunity to help educational and work environments to keep in touch with their centers," says Pablo Márquez, founder of the company and promoter of Class In The Box.

Aotech had been developing its advisory work on the installation of remotely controlled and monitored Wi-Fi networks, the management of secure environments, but with the situation we went through and seeing the new need of thousands of teachers who overnight had to adapt to a new teaching modality,  he soon realized that his new device was a necessity not only for that time, but above all to give a boost to new forms of communication and collaboration with the idea that the school had ceased to be a physical space, to become an extended environment that allows a type of relationships and activities that hadn’t been experienced.

With the arrival of Class In The Box, a solution is offered to simplify and unify videoconferencing communications in a unique system, designed and manufactured in Spain and patented internationally. Thanks to this system, which in addition to broadcasting and recording classes can be used to give a presentation,  training or have a meeting anywhere, the technical difficulty, which is one of the main limitations for the adoption of this type of technology, is practically non-existent, since it is designed so that the teacher or trainer only has to connect a cable,  start the videoconference and start talking through your wireless headband microphone, which allows you to move freely around the classroom without cables and being able to reach, as before, students who need your personalized attention.

Pablo Márquez, CEO of Aotech, points out: "We care and ensure that educational centers have the optimal infrastructures according to their needs, providing efficiency, profitability and innovation in everything we do and Class In The Box has become that link between what was already inside each center and the new reality that is emerging; is being the perfect ally to respond to these new needs that will take off in the coming years".

Class In The Box is much more than a videoconferencing system to broadcast classes, it allows the management of the different moments of the class through its different modes, for example the "classroom mode" that allows face-to-face students to interact with students remotely, or the "show" mode that projects the teacher's voice through the speakers of the classroom (or the auditorium in case of a conference). Thanks to the Google Chrome extension, the management of the class, with changes of camera or modes through simple voice commands, a unique novelty in the market,makes the teacher able to pay more attention to the pedagogical, dedicating more time in class to attend to the students in a personalized way, through the implementation of strategies that allow integrating the two environments (face-to-face and remote) united through this technology.

Class In The Box was put on the market in the summer of 2021 and had an excellent reception by the specialized media, teachers and educational centers both in our country and internationally. During these months Aotech has managed to position itself among the 200 leading technology companies in the world and Class In The Box has become a truly innovative product that has already received numerous international awards such as the European Technology Award 2021 in the category of Technological Innovation. This award joins the collection of awards of Class In The Box, which already has two Golden Globee Awards as disruptive company of the year and one Bronze as the best product to combat and reduce the impact of Covid-19. 


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