The world’s first AI-driven Autonomy-as-a-service platform integrating drones and robots solutions

Unmanned Life is the world’s first AI-driven Autonomy-as-a-service platform integrating drones and robots of different types along with a wide variety of capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets.  

Company’s core IP is the leading 5G, Edge and AI-enabled software platform which can deploy and manage at scale, integrated swarms of different types of robotic devices of varied capabilities, working together autonomously to deliver commercial-grade solutions for industry 4.0 and smart cities market sectors. 

Their mission is to become the go-to Software Platform for Seamless Orchestration of Autonomous Robotics. Unmanned Life is comprised of a highly talented team of multiple nationalities, educated at the world’s top schools in their respective disciplines with experience in deep tech and emerging technologies such as 5G, Cloud Computing, AI, Robotics, Autonomy as well as Business Leadership, Management and Sales in some of the world’s leading companies. 

The Saas platform powers the deployment of autonomous commercial solutions for industry 4.0 solutions such as autonomous logistics, search and rescue, emergency response or inventory count, all from over the cloud via one single management interface. This software enables high flexibility and scalability, working both outdoors and indoors, with or without GPS and over either radio, Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G, delivering AI for autonomy. 

The company has two offices and more than 300 deployments around the globe. Its clients and partners are located in more than 15 countries. It has collaborations with leading global companies and organizations in a variety of projects from different sectors.

Unmanned Life has been recognized across the world by multiple technology giants, Fortune 500 industrial behemoths, governments and associations, winning awards such as “5G Technology and EDGE Computing Award” by 5G World (2021), “Start-up Competition Award” by Broadband World Forum (2021) and the UK National Technology Award (2018). It has become one of the referents in 5G-enabled autonomous robotics solutions in the Telco industry both in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.  

The company is pioneering new solutions and technology with projects and strategic partnerships with industry behemoths in technology, telco, logistics and government such as Telefonica, SEAT, Walmart, BT, Etisalat, Dubai Future Foundation, and the City of Vienna, to name a few. “Our diverse and highly motivated team unites on our mission to become the go-to software platform for seamless orchestration of heterogeneous robotic swarms” ensures the company. 

The multi-award-winning UK Deep Tech company has built the leading software platform for seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics. Its management team has demonstrated resilience and adaptability in implementing the company roadmap. Its expertise and excellence allowed them to obtain the European Technology Award 2021 in the Robotics category. The award recognizes Unmanned Life as one of the industry leaders, since they are changing the way autonomous robotics had been deployed by large corporations.  


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