A school with a disruptive model that breaks with the traditional teaching system evolving to a practical, intensive system that enhances the vision of change

Born In Barcelona, Nuclio Digital School is the leading digital training school, from its own startup ecosystem, owned by Nuclio Venture Builder. The company was founded in 2018 by Carlos Blanco, current Chairman of Nuclio, technological entrepreneur and investor in more than 100 startups; and Jared Gil, current CEO of the company, expert in innovation of educational models with more than 13 years of experience in edutech.

With the main mission of training the future leaders of the digital market, its presence in the cities where it is established, guarantees to enhance the growth of the start-up ecosystem and the structuring of its talent.

Nuclio Digital School is committed to those professionals who seek to be part of great challenges, integrating technology, innovation and social commitment.

But not only that, the school's commitment is to the development of society in eve of the imminent technological revolution, guiding the future leaders of change and the industry in its development.

Nuclio Digital School offers the most completedigital training on the market focused on obtaining the most demanded digital and technological skills. The training offer consists of 4 months of intensive bootcamps in Data Science, Cybersecurity, Product Management, Programming, Digital Marketing, Talent Management and UX UI design.

The company, which operates as a start-up, already has several spaces: the Sagrada Familia campus, along with its headquarters at Pier 01 of Barcelona Tech City and the new headquarters in Madrid, in the heart of the Salamanca district.

Due to the context of the industry in which we find ourselves today, the startup has focused on an offering master degree designed for students in search of an upskilling or reskilling that will boost their professional career.

"It's clear that we have to reinvent ourselves. This pandemic has accelerated a process that we were already experiencing in recent years: the transition of thousands of profiles from a traditional industry to a much more digital one. That is why it is so important to train in those digital skills and soft skills that the market demands quickly, intensively and practically...", Jared Gil, CEO and Co-founder of Nuclio Digital School. 

The school’s success rate figures, can be explained through the success of its students, in just 3 years, 86% of its students have managed to get a job, while 62% of them have achieved a professional promotion in the sector. In addition, the degree of satisfaction of its students is unprecedented in the sector, 94% of the students recommend it. "Our students have totally transversal profiles, because we cover the main areas of innovation and business of today", says the management of Nuclio, whose transversal training allows to go from a beginner level to an expert level in any of its branches of training: programming, blockchain, big data, digital marketing, innovation, etc.

The school stands out for the design of its programs, which offer intensive training, based on a learning by doing methodology, in which the practical application of the knowledge acquired is the basis of the educational process. This favors people who are already working, so that they can carry out complementary training, in a specific period of time, that will keep them updated and help them evolve in the sector. 

Nuclio Digital School is in the midst of an expansion phase. Currently, there are more than 2000 students of up to 60 different nationalities. Early next year, the center will open its first headquarters outside our borders. Lisbon to be more specific, continuing with its international expansion strategy. This campus, which will be located in a strategic area of the City of Lisbon, adds to the physical campuses that Nuclio already has in Barcelona and Madrid.


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