Security, hosting and advanced solutions since 1998

Whiteready was born in 1998 as a visionary brand aimed to strength and protect the internet presence with networking, internetworking, hosting, housing and colocation services, virtual machine and virtual private server service. 

From the beginning, security for Whiteready is not a collateral service to offer to customers, but the foundation of its presence on the net, thanks to their data centres in Italy and the UK.

Whether is the hosting a small company site, an e-commerce portal or advanced cloud services, with Whiteready customers can have the assurance of a real customized assistance: neither robots, bots nor automated chats, but only professionals able to respond promptly to clients’ requests.

The company offers a variety of services, all of them related to security on the internet. They offer a business continuity management (BCM), ensuring all essencial functions of the customer’s activity, with guarantee of business continuity and securing the company reputation. As a preventive measure, Whiteready identifies the events that can potencially compromise the regular flow to the operations, reducing the relevant risk of interruptions or external intrusions and configuring a suitable structure in order to act quickly. 

Whiteready is able to predict the impacts of an attack on a corporate network, accurately mapping processes and internal flows to identify weaknesses and defining recovery times and the resources needed to restore the normality. In the event of an attack, the company immediately sets up a business continuity plan (BCP), indicating the steps that led to the event and restoring the pre-existing situation to the highest, possible level. In extremely critical situations (for example, data centre fire, cyber-attack, ransomeware), Whiteready prepares an IT systems recovery plan (DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan).

Through it Vulnerability Assessment (VA), the company is able to detect the presence of weaknesses in corporate hosts without performing any type of attack or system breach, through vulnerability databases. The VA can be applied to different domains: infrastructures and network equipment, wireless, systems (servers with different Microsoft or Unix-like operating systems) or applications (for example web application servers, etc.).



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