"We serve our customers by combining the best of people, technology and innovation"

Majorel is an innovative company dedicated to customer service. It was born driven by the important changes experienced in the customer experience services sector in recent years, within the framework of an increasingly digitized landscape.

The company is the result of the alliance between Bertelsmann and Saham, in which they combine their global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) businesses. A new company with the firm objective of becoming a world leader in customer engagement and that currently occupies leading positions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in addition to having a strong presence in America and Asia.

Currently, Majorel has almost 67,000 employees and is present in 31 countries across five continents. It offers services in sixty languages to its more than 400 clients worldwide, which means they can offer flexible solutions that leverage their unique expertise in cultural nuances, which is essential for true excellence in the Customer Experience.

This firm that combines human talent, advanced technology and global presence, offers and designs a customer service that makes a difference and has the trust of some of the most respected brands in the world. "We live in a constant process of evolution and change; every day new technologies and new solutions appear. We know that, in this dynamic market context, we must be flexible and have the capacity to adapt. Both concepts are key factors and a fundamental part of our work philosophy that, added to the global management model, allows us to offer customers the best possible attention and experience", says Íñigo Arribalzaga, CEO of Majorel IBILAT.

Majorel adapts and meets the needs of its customers with full flexibility in each case. They are experts in developing solutions that allow their clients to evolve to a customer-centric model, focusing on operational efficiency, satisfaction and data intelligence to anticipate the needs of the end customer and provide a personalized and unique experience. It has a strong leadership position in the global CRM industry supported, for the second consecutive year, by the recognition as a leader in customer experience services in the Customer Experience Management Report published annually by Everest Group. 

"We serve our customers by combining the best of people, technology and innovation. We truly believe that the greater the use of technology, the more human we can be, providing sensitivity and empathy in those moments when they add value. Providing service is a human thing even when a robot does it," explains Arribalzaga.

Majorel is a brand with a firm belief in innovation, with a focus on continuous improvement, using cutting-edge technology to reach the customer in the fastest, most agile and human way possible.

He has extensive industry experience in augmented technology from the front  to the  back office and in digital consumer engagement.  In addition, it offers Customer Experience Consulting services and has an innovative catalog of Digital Solutions for each sector of activity.  Majorel is a global leader in digital content moderation, trust and security services.

The added value offered by Majorel lies in its culture as a company. Its main values – perseverance, perseverance, ingenuity, resilience and agility – come together in a unique team to promote the reliability and digital transformation necessary in a world that is constantly changing. Its ultimate goal is to achieve excellence, that is, to achieve the best customer experience through the best processes for an optimal result, counting on the best professionals. "We offer impact and results: what requires an extra effort as a basic," says Arribalzaga.

Majorel is passionate about its customers and employees, and they materialize it in their motto: "Driven to Go Further". From its founding as a company in 2018 to the present, the growth has been dizzying. In addition, taking into account the pandemic context in which we find ourselves, its evolution has been more than significant. Its broad geographical presence and increased digital and consulting capabilities are its main strengths.



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