“Through detailed market assessment and research, we identified the need for a global compliance technology solution backed by VAT expertise” 

Taxback International – European Technology Award Winner

Taxback International is an entrepreneurially driven company whose goal is to transform how VAT recovery is managed on a global basis. Over twenty-five years, it has become the world’s leading technology and services company specialising in VAT (Value Added Tax) Reclaim and Compliance. Their global client list of more than 12,000 businesses includes almost all the Fortune 500 companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, IBM). Their innovative technology enables the real-time processing of over 10 billion transactions across 180 countries in multiple languages.

During the pandemic, Taxback International has transformed their existing business model to meet the digital transformation happening in the industry.

“Through detailed market assessment and research, we identified the need for a global compliance technology solution backed by VAT expertise,” states Catherine Quirke, CEO.

From this research, they developed Comply, the world’s end-to-end VAT compliance platform for global businesses. This digital platform transforms how a business prepares and files its VAT returns by centralising control on a single platform. Comply also enables secure-on-time cross-border payments to Tax Offices with ease of reconciliation and zero risks. It provides a clear audit trail and cloud-based analytics on a single secure platform giving total control over VAT obligations.

“With our AI and machine-learning algorithm, Comply provides trend analysis and intelligent financial forecasting”, Catherine adds.

Innovative Technology

Innovation is the core of Taxback International and they are very proud of the technology and business overhaul they have achieved in such a short space of time. They are now actively cross-selling within their current client base and are onboarding several new enterprise clients. “Our ambition is to be the number one provider for VAT Compliance globally by 2024.”

Comply represents a new innovative technology built on decades of experience and underpinned by their global VAT expertise.  Their successful adaption to changing market demands recognised Taxback International as the European Technology Award Winner 2021 in the Fintech category. This award was collected by Taxback International’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nora Duggan, and Chief Commercial Officer, Johanna Waara, during a prestigious evening event held at the Hotel Ritz Paris.

European Technology Awards

The European Technology Awards were created with the main purpose of enabling the award-winners to share a day with other professionals, promoting excellence and knowledge through teaching, research, and proactive networking.

The organising entity, Professional and Business Excellence Institute, have a long history of organising events where they reward professional excellence in the technological sector. Even though restrictions thwarted such events last year, this year they have returned greater than ever, with first class professionals, unforgettable performances, and a lot of surprises.

The Winners

The winners of the European Technology Awards are always people whose professional careers are an example of overcoming challenges to gain success. They are those who, through effort, determination, and creativity, have earned esteemed recognition. Taxback International is a prime example of these qualities. They have completely repositioned their brand messaging within the world of VAT Compliance and created a unique platform, Comply, that fills a global need.  



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