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About us

At Professional and Business Excellence Institute we reward professional excellence and the good work of companies and entities from the most varied sectors.

The winners of the European Awards are always people whose professional career is an example of overcoming and success, who through their effort, determination and creativity have earned this prestigious recognition. Our mission is to recognize the work of these entrepreneurs, scientists, artists or athletes and return with humble recognition and gratitude their contribution to the professional world that makes us look to the future with hope.

Professional and Business Excellence Institute is the organizer of these awards, which produces and publishes special reports in the mainstream media. Our goal is to enable the insertion and dissemination of companies and entities so that their work and value is recognized internationally. This task is not simple for the founders, Antonio Queijeiro and Pablo Suñer, who seek to disseminate talent internationally, allowing different companies to gather at a common geographical point where the exchange of ideas, projects and references become the most important.

The impact of these events on the media is essential for companies that are interested in growing or spreading their latest advances. However, appearing in the media is an important outlay for most small and medium-sized businesses, liberal professionals and, in these times, also for the largest companies. Through these events, all companies and professionals who work hard to improve their products or services have a space in the mainstream media, which gives them added value and brings readers their good work.

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