"Turning data into information and business insights is a path that companies will make  progressively in the coming years and we want to accompany them in this exciting challenge"

Cívica Software is a company specialized in the development of business solutions based on cutting-edge technology and in the execution of projects aimed at digital transformation, business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence and systems integration. They are specialized in the development of end-to-end solutions based on the treatment, governance, exploitation and distribution of data. 

In Cívica Software they design models of provisioning, governance and distribution of information that allows their clients to get the most out of all the internal and external data of their business, turning them into an asset that facilitates new data-driven business models.

In this sense, they facilitate the implementation of modern data architectures that enable self-service strategies, operational BI, information federation and the use of Artificial Intelligence to democratize and value the data of their customers, all with the greatest simplicity and reliability.

 "We believe that turning data into information and business insights is a path that companies will make progressively in the coming years and we want to accompany them and serve as a guide in this exciting challenge," they explain from Cívica Software.

 The company is formed by a team of highly trained professionals in the ICT sector. Each of the members of Cívica Software contribute their best version of themselves with the common goal of creating attractive, simple and quality solutions, in an environment where companionship, satisfaction for a job well done and personal and professional development prevail. "Our team is focused on putting all our experience, knowledge and effort at the service of our customers," they point out from the company.

It currently carries out most of its activity in Spain, with offices in Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, A Coruña and Granada, where its headquarters are located.

With a trajectory of more than 10 years in the market, Civica Software has led high-value technological projects in multiple sectors of activity (financial, IT, public administrations, logistics, retail,agri-food, media or health sector, among others) for clients throughout the Spanish territory and also for some international clients both in Europe and Latin America.

Its main hallmarks are the rigor in which they approach what is commissioned to them,excellence in development and a clear vocation towards people, always seeking loyalty and maximum satisfaction of its employees and customers.

Following these fundamental pillars, Cívica Software uses a methodology based on design thinking ,agility and flexibility. Every project begins by understanding the ideas and needs of its clients, from which they design creative solutions of high value. After this, they develop solutions using agile methods that minimize risks, maximize the value provided and guarantee their future scalability and extensibility.

The company's work teams are multidisciplinary, including profiles that guarantee the technical, functional viability and usability of the solutions created. In addition, the firm is committed to continuous training and specialization, favoring the personal and professional development of its teams. 

Cívica Software solutions are adapted to the needs of its customers, whom they accompany throughout the entire process, from the beginning of the idea to the subsequent phases of evolution and maintenance. "For us each project is special, we are committed to giving the best of ourselves to achieve the best possible results," they say.

Among the services offered by the company, business intelligence stands out, through which they get the most out of their clients' corporate data, and data engineering & integration, which allows modeling, designing and implementing data collection, preparation and processing processes to facilitate the analysis and elimination of information silos.

Additionally, Cívica Software also focuses on data quality & governance,these two pillars being fundamental to ensure that decision making is always based on reliable, safe and guaranteed data.

Finally, Cívica Software also has a team of specialized consultants who analyze the problems of its clients to recommend the best solutions, as well as the technological strategy and the adoption roadmap that best suits their specific needs and requirements.

The company has a network of technological partners in its different areas of specialization, betting on the use of leading technologies in the international market. This commitment is part of the company's general vision of seeking the highest guarantees and global quality through the establishment of reliable alliances and collaborations in the long term. In this sense, Cívica Software is an official partner of companies such as Microstrategy, Informatica, Snowflake, Fivetran, Confluent, Denodo or IBM, among others.


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