The UK’s first double-sided proof of age, identity and contactless smart card

IDGO is the UK’s first double-sided proof of identity and contactless payment card for all UK public members aged 18 and over to safely use whilst on the go. This card comes to the market as an alternative to carrying a Passport or Driving Licence for proof of ID purposes and age-restricted purchases.

It works contactless and offers extra security to combat contactless card fraud. It has been accredited by the UK’s Government and it is EMV verified.

It was Homerton businesswoman Dannii Joyette-Hadaway who, after losing her provisional licence and her passport, came up to an idea to avoid these things from happening. Dannii began developing the IDGO Company after many years of working in the events industry, she saw how many people of all demographics would bring out their valuable passports and DVLA licenses and proceed to lose them by the end of the night, she saw that this was a huge threat and easy access to identity fraud, it was these experiences that IDGO was born.

The solution to preventing the expensive replacement fees and to offer a tackle-all method to fill the very obvious gap in the market. During the pandemic, the team were given ample opportunity to come together better than ever before and further propel IDGO into the market.

The IDGO card provides a secure alternative to carrying valuable documents for every day and nightlife purposes. It is a solution for the UK public carrying Driving Licences to prove identity, as they display an unsafe amount of personal information including home address & signature. It also offers an extra level of security to bank cards to tackle fraudulent activities and identity theft, all on one platform. 

This card offers a proof of age and identity that is authorised by The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS). It is also a card combined with and RFID contactless prepay card feature, underwritten by a MasterCard program manager. IDGO includes a mobile application with useful features and subscription services suited for both Android and IOS users, alongside a website which provides useful information.



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