“It is not about inventing what already exists, but about improving and optimizing processes that favor the growth of companies"

Qaleon is a young company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence solutions.

It´s a company created in 2017 with its own resources. It is a company with 100% Spanish capital that seeks to generate the greatest business impact by exploiting the advantages offered by digitalization. They adapt the solutions to the needs of each company, accelerating their results. "Our challenge is to improve competitiveness in the era of digital transformation," they point out on their website.

Qaleon uses disruptive and flexible technology for each project, through an agile methodology, but with a long-term vision. Its solutions provide added value to its customers, facilitating their day to day thanks to the optimization of processes and the automation of tasks, improving their times and helping them to be more efficient. 

The three pillars of the brand are: innovation, quality and technology, always putting people first. For Qaleon, people are its greatest value and teamwork is fundamental. Its staff is made up of young talent and senior talent, who work together, with transversal communication, always seeking excellence in results. 

The solutions offered by the firm are very diverse, since it makes specific developments for companies while creating its own business solutions specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

At present and, and especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, the methodology of doing business has changed. Many companies have been forced to change their business model because it became obsolete or useless. It is at times like this that one of Qaleon's basic premises makes sense: anticipating change. Thus, the company helps its customers to remain competitive in the market despite its rapid change.

Qaleon works by transforming data into knowledge through what is known as Business Intelligence. They add value to data for real-time decision making and thus develop business growth strategies more intelligently. On the other hand, through Artificial Intelligence (AI), it prepares its client companies for the future, creating intelligent data flows for process automation and predictive analysis, extracting maximum value from the data. They use AI solutions to achieve precise goals for their ability to transform data into useful and valuable information.

Qaleon also uses machine learning tools, allowing its solutions to turn data into intelligent decisions. They bring intelligence to data to convert traditional processes to Industry 4.0 processes. Its Machine Learning algorithms helps to automate and prioritize decision-making in the field of business, alerting about new opportunities and driving actions for the optimization of results.

Thanks to the profitability of experience, business knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, Qaleon allows its clients to define new realities and experiences that make their lives simpler and more rewarding.

Innovation has always been its hallmark. All the developments they have promoted since their beginnings have been novel, mainly thanks to the approach they have for each of their solutions, which they integrate into the market in an innovative and disruptive way. "It is not about inventing what already exists, but about improving and optimizing processes that favor the growth of companies," says its CEO, María J. Alonso.

Growth and international expansion are now two of the company's priority objectives, which focuses not only on traditional markets, but also on emerging models. "For us it is important to create an environment different from the one we are used to: to establish collaborations with companies, with institutions, universities and associations so that there is a real impulse in innovation in the world," explains the CEO, who is clear that the first step is to consolidate the business in our country. 

Currently, Qaleon is focused on starting its international expansion process through different strategic alliances as an accelerated way of penetration in other markets. In addition, they have just launched a new solution, Empleable, which uses artificial intelligence to find the training that the client needs to achieve their professional goals. The platform favors trends and detects skills necessary for professionals in the labor market.



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