Shared Mobility Wallet for all public transport and micro-mobility that can track carbon footprint and manage tax refund

TicketO Mobility is a shared mobility wallet, which can be used by people for all public transport and micro mobility segments that can track carbon footprint, developed for companies to better manage their transportation budgets offered to their employees for tax refund and special incentives. In addition, it makes the necessary filing of the invoices of the end users for the tax return together with the reporting on CO2 emission reduction.

It is a new generation environmental mobility wallet that helps travelling safely and comfortably within the city and between cities, and also helps saving the World. 

This APP was developed by Digital Puzzles OÜ a German company specialized in shared mibility systems. It is based in Berlin and works worldwide. Kutluhan Hakan is the company’s CEO, a passionate rntrepreneur who is eagerly awaiting the opportunities that the digital world will create.

The main advantage of TicketO Mobility is that it objectively delivers professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change.

It is a Mobility Wallet for private and corporate users. With this application, the user can use public transportation, car sharing, E-Scooter, bike sharing and taxi services from a single application. It allows the user to pay on the go, follow the carbon footprint, get a tax refund by reporting the entire ticket history at the end of the year or provide to employees with a transportation budget without paying cash.



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