"Always safe, wherever you are"

SAS24 Siempre a Salvo is a comprehensive home telecare device, which offers one of the most complete solutions on the market in home care. It is the necessary support for those people who are responsible for the care of the elderly or people with disabilities so that, in this way, they can feel calm, since their loved one will always be protected and in good hands. 

It is an integrated system that offers 24-hour health care, direct call to 112 and security forces, impact detector (falls, pulls, accidents ...), allows access to purchases of basic necessities or medicines in case of temporary immobilization and offers a security area specifically designed for people suffering from Alzheimer's or with a tendency to disorientation. The technology used by the SAS24 is state-of-the-art, making it more effective, intuitive and easy to use than other devices on the market.

It is mainly intended for the elderly who often do not become familiar with mobile phones and end up leaving them turned off or forgotten at home. With SAS24, the necessary user interaction is minimal. You just have to carry it with you. Its design is comfortable and manageable, very intuitive and has only the buttons necessary to carry out the functions it offers. Its drawings and size make it easy to associate the button with its functionality, and the most basic functions, such as alerting of an emergency or calling a family member, are executed at the touch of a button.

In addition, this device allows you to make and receive calls by pressing a single button and allows the geolocation of the device in case of loss or misplacement. As an added value, the SAS24 also offers special functions, such as an accelerometer to detect possible falls or collisions of the user, as well as the direct activation of the speaker to communicate with the user without having to press any button or perform any action. This feature is very useful in case of accident, when the user is alone and helpless. 

The Siempre a Salvo device has GPS technology for precise location that, in addition to allowing to know the location of the user, allows to delimit a safe area for him. For example, the user or a family member can delimit their neighborhood, residence or surroundings as a safe zone, so that, as soon as the user leaves the limited perimeter, the device automatically notifies the control center.

Another advantage of SAS24, which also lives up to its motto: "Always safe, wherever you are", is that it has coverage in all member countries of the European Union. Thanks to its tri-slice technology, the user will be safe even if he is traveling or during family vacations.

The brand's offices for reception of warnings and emergencies is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its team of highly qualified professionals is always alert to resolve any incident, strictly following the action protocols established for each case. "In our database, duly protected and encrypted, we collect all the user's data, as well as their history of incidents in order to act in a personalized way before each incident," they explain from Head office.

The device is also customizable and fully configurable. This service is carried out through a specialized technician who will attend to where the user is to configure the device and customize it with the phone numbers for speed dialing, delimit the security zone or configure any personal need of the user. 

SAS24 is guaranteed by SCH24, with more than 20 years of experience in the security and technology sector. It has an excellent specialized team to assist users in any risk situation. Their extensive network of distributors allows them to cover both nationally and throughout the European Union.

Among the services they offer are  the distribution of food at home in case of temporary immobilization, delivery of medication at home in case of not being able to go to the pharmacy or health center due to punctual convalescence, reminder of important appointments through the SAS24 team and custody of keys to the home or second homes so that,  in case of emergency, they can quickly access the home or simply in case the user has lost them and does not have another copy.




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