Its growth in recent years and a way of working integrated with the client, have made Tecnotramit a benchmark in the outsourcing of services for the financial and real estate sector

Tecnotramit is one of the leading companies in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) nationwide. It was created in 2001 in Barcelona, thanks to the initiative of Miquel Argelich, current president of the company, who had more than 20 years of experience in the customer caresector. Currently its main business areas are: mortgage management, asset management, process outsourcing (BPO) and legal advice.

The firm has a workforce that exceeds 1200 workers specialized in legal, commercial and administrative areas. They have 34 offices throughout the peninsula, located in different cities in Spain and Portugal, and their headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. "We started in the mortgage business and became, in a few years, one of the most important service companies for financial institutions and real estate companies in Spain and Portugal," the general management quotes.

Tecnotramit has a highly specialized management team, with specific technical-legal personnel and specialists in training and start-up of structured teams. The current management of the company is formed by Isabel Pardo who started the project from the beginning with experience within the registry world and Vicenç Hernández, who joined in 2012 with extensive experience in project management in the financial and real estate sector.

The company has tailor-made training plans for groups segmented by type of projects, as well as specific career plans for employees who have shown some capacity, becoming a commitment to the future for its strategic plan. In this sense, its career plans have allowed more than 90% of its managers to be trained and promoted within the company itself.

As the financial and real estate sector evolves, Tecnotramit has been adding services to its portfolio and, at present, is specialized in the outsourcing of commercial, administrative and legal services for the financial and real estate sector for a total of four large working groups. Its client portfolio reaches the figure of 56 among which are large entities such as CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell, Solvia or Servihabitat, among others.

In order to carry out their projects they have an expert team and cutting-edge technology to provide specific services and productivity in different areas of activity of financial institutions. "Our vocation of services, experience and knowledge of the market have made it possible for our clients to require our services for the management of their assets and the outsourcing of their processes, offering them individual solutions and integral approaches", explain from the company.

Disponen de centros de producción especializados y otros compartidos con sus clientes, lo que les permite una mayor flexibilidad, así como la capacidad para gestionar de manera más eficiente cargas de trabajo puntuales y adaptación del servicio a las necesidades dinámicas de sus clientes. Entre los servicios que ofrecen desde su departamento especializado en BPO se encuentran: pre-contencioso de ejecuciones hipotecarias, subastas inmobiliarias, adjudicaciones por daciones en pago, gestión tributaria de inmuebles adjudicados, administración de inmuebles en leasing, bastanteo de facultades, contact center o mediación social.

They have specialized production centers and others shared with their customers, which allows them greater flexibility, as well as the ability to more efficiently manage specific workloads and adapt the service to the dynamic needs of their customers. Among the specialized services in BPO that the department offer  there are: pre-litigation of foreclosures, real estate auctions, adjudications for dations in payment, tax management of foreclosed properties, administration of properties in leasing, enough of faculties, contact center or social mediation.

Tecnotramit is a particularly sensitive and committed company in terms of equality. Among its objectives is a responsible labor policy that fights against labor exclusion. In fact, almost 70% of its workforce is made up of women and they have and 17.8% of workers over 50 years of age. "Both in cases of people at risk of social and labor exclusion, as well as in terms of gender, we have non-discrimination policies to ensure the fairness and objectivity of our remuneration policy." The firm has collaboration agreements with several foundations with the aim of welcoming people at risk of social exclusion. Currently, 1.09% of the workforce comes from these groups, of which 37% are over 45 years of age.

Tecnotramit is currently in a cycle of growth and settlement of projects, combined with a stabilization of aspects of internal management of the company. They have gone through a process of restructuring and professionalization of the structure of the firm, consolidating its Internal Audit and Quality department and focusing on the technological area. In addition, there are several awards that the company has received in recent years, highlighting that of the best mortgage management company in Spain.

After the last pandemic year and as a result of Covid-19, the company has accelerated its commitment to digitalization, accompanying its customers in the adaptation process. To this end, it has provided an investment of three million euros for the next three years. "We have an ambitious strategic plan, but we had to consolidate the growth generated in recent years,"  


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