A digital agency that helps Chinese and French people in China and France to develop through digital

Florence Rouchy, CEO

Digital Creative France China is a French based agency that aims to help the Chinese and French in China and France to develop through the digital world using different levers such as the establishment of a brand identity, the development of their notoriety, social media management, web design and digital marketing with the acquisition of leads and the implementation of advertising campaigns on Western and Chinese social networks.

The company provides advice on customer’s brand image and digital strategy, as well as management of advertising campaigns on private networks and webs. Digital Creative knows the importance of branding businesses for the online success. Therefore, they can help their clients to accomplish visual recognition, website development, video, photo and content writing to reach their target. “Good social network management is not only the fact of creating posts and content on various networks, but also the implementation of ads which will increase exposure rate and thus develop your potential clients in order to convert them into new customers”, affirms the company.

Digital Creative France China stands for the fact that digital attracts the creative and vice versa. Behind each action, there is an interaction and a creative, authentic, artistic and singular human imprint.

The company was founded by digital marketing communication manager Florence Rouchy, who had the opportunity to live a unique experience in China by integrating into the Chinese community back in 2017. After obtained a Master's degree in Communication at CELSA, within the framework of China's MBA, she was given the immense privilege of going from “Digital Maker” to “Digital Expert” with the France-Chinese bi-culturality.

She based the company in four prior values: openness to others, enthusiasm, interculturality and singularity. “We have ability to put yourself in French or Chinese shoes by adapting to their language, culture, outlook on life and habits”, she stands.

Integrate values, codes and cultural habits that are usually very completely different between Western and Chinese cultures. Digital Creative France China makes sure they can go beyond these differences and move forward by asserting business with authenticity each of us, as a legal or physical person, emphasizes the importance of being both unique and authentic.



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