With high-calibre medical equipment, they make sure to combine medical art and skills for natural-looking results.

Kazim Sipahi, CEO

Created and staffed by some of the most highly regarded surgeons in Turkey, Vera Clinic is one of the leading hair transplant and cosmetic surgery centres in Europe. Based in Istanbul, Vera Clinic has witnessed the transformation of more than 23,000 patients since its foundation, thus becoming a centre of attraction for health tourism. The clinic offers affordable medical treatments for patients around the world from internationally certified surgeons with a clear goal: to provide medical treatment beyond the patient's expectations.

Vera Clinic were one of the first in their region to carry out original innovation of both the Sapphire FUE and OxyCure techniques with success, and ten years on the FUE technique continues to thrive and be the technique of choice for Vera Clinic’s abundant happy customers. 

All surgeons at the Vera Clinic are highly trained to use the most sophisticated methods and equipment in all FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplants. When visiting the clinic, the experts perform an exhaustive evaluation of the patient's scalp to ensure the suitability of the transplant.

With prices 70% cheaper than in the rest of Europe, Vera Clinic is affordable whilst ensuring the highest quality standards and providing the best medical service.  Their goal of excellence is constantly being exceeded; With the highest satisfaction ratings on google, customers of Vera Clinic finish their hair transplant journey with nothing but praise.

Awarded two TUV ISO certificates, one for Customer Satisfaction and the other for Quality Management, customers can rest assured they are in safe, professional hands. 

Furthermore, the centre is equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies necessary for quality diagnosis, treatment, and surgery, alongside operating rooms fully equipped with the most advanced devices. 

With high-calibre medical equipment, they make sure to combine medical art and skills for natural-looking results.

Vera Clinic has earned an excellent reputation for consistently and outstandingly providing quality patient care. Therefore, the clinic has been rewarded with the European Award in Medicine 2021 in the Hair Transplant Surgery category.


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