INMOA is leader in electromodulated hyperthermia in Spain, a novel oncological treatment that improves the prognosis of patients with the most advanced cancers

Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo, medical director

This high-level cancer center was born in Madrid in 2019 with the firm intention of offering cancer patients a comprehensive quality care that covers all their needs and improves their vital prognosis.

In 2020, given the fantastic results obtained, INMOA (Medical Institute of Advanced Oncology) expands its facilities with a second center in Madrid, which in less than a year is already overwhelmed with work as a result of the successes of its treatments, so in 2021, INMOA has just moved to a center of more than 2000 m2 where it will offer more and better treatments.

INMOA is the largest electro modulated hyperthermia center in Spain, and the only one awarded to date by the Minister of Health.

It’s also directed by a specialist in oncology of the highest level, doctor cum laude, current president of the International Society of Clinical Hyperthermia and tutor of the European Society of Radiation Oncology: Dr. Elisabeth Arrojo.

This prestigious facultative has developed several years of her professional career in the United States where she has been recognized with important awards and recognitions such as the O1 visa, which recognizes her as "Extraordinary Person in the Sciences for the USA", the same category that is awarded to the Nobel Prizes that develop their work in that country. Currently, he currently running both INMOA and the studies that are being carried out with electro modulated hyperthermia in the only public hospital in Spain that has this technology: the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital in Santander. 

INMOA not only offers its own treatments, but also collaborates closely with some of the main cancer centers nationally and internationally. Thus, INMOA facilitates the coordination between its own therapies and other very novel and successful treatments, such as oncolytic virus therapy, immunotherapy or proton therapy among others. At INMOA, they are fully aware that the most important thing is to form a team with "the best". When the patient he arrives at INMOA,  he must finds a global solution to the pathology he presents.

Given the global vision of the patient as a "person" who suffers from a disease and not only as a patient, in INMOA a lot of importance is also given to nutritional and emotional assistance to the patient, and that is why to date, it has been shown that 30% of malignant pathologies are directly related to an inadequate diet,  and that another of the great risk factors for oncological diseases is "distress" (pathological stress). It is estimated that in 2040 there will be an incidence of cancer 60% higher than the current one, and in INMOA they know that the most important thing is not only to cure, but especially to prevent getting sick or relapse.

Referring to electro modulated hyperthermia, also known as oncothermia or nanothermia, it is a type of advanced hyperthermia, recognized by the Ministry of Health, which has great advantages over conventional hyperthermia, indicated for patients with any type of non-hematological cancer. 

One of the main advantages of electro modulated hyperthermia is that it produces a selective increase in temperature, "only" in malignant cells, so it lacks significant toxicities. Why is hyperthermia important in cancer? Tumors, in order to grow, develop their own vessels. But these are not normal, they are very thin, they often break easily and one of the great difficulties of the treatments is that chemo or immunotherapy must travel through them, being difficult to distribute well inside the tumor and therefore detracting from their effectiveness. When the tumor is "heated", these vessels dilate and the distribution of these treatments inside the tumor is significantly increased, thus increasing its effectiveness. Being the case of this advanced hyperthermia, a "selective" heat, a vasodilation in healthy tissue is avoided and cells are dispersed at a distance, also achieving all this without significant toxicities.

If we take into account that the effectiveness of radiotherapy depends on the existence of high levels of intratumoral oxygen, electro modulated hyperthermia also becomes another powerful ally to increase the effectiveness of radiotherapy, again without increasing side effects. 

Therefore, electro modulated hyperthermia does not exclude but adds, having already been demonstrated in phase III trials its effectiveness in increasing tumor control and improving survival in cancer patients.

All treatments at INMOA are always prescribed by an oncologist. Its facilities are designed to make the patient feel comfortable, in a modern and welcoming environment. They also have a team that will facilitate access to the Cancer Institute as well as their stay in Madrid if required.

In INMOA, they are aware that "cancer is not a small enemy", but neither is it invincible. They insist that the most important thing is prevention and receiving the best possible cancer treatment even in the earliest stages to avoid future complications.



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