This Campus offers a cultural, professional and human-oriented program of academic formation

Dr. Gaetano Cupo

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome was established in 1993 with the cultural aim of restoring to the biomedical sciences the value of human life and the person as their central focus. Young people are offered a cultural, professional and human-oriented program of academic formation founded on the unity of the various disciplines according to the notion of University as a community of students and teachers. An integral part of this project is the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, where the dimension of human service comes into full play, in the particular experience of illness and disease. The Rome Biomedical Campus University is a legally recognized private University (Ministerial Decree of 31 October 1991). 

Initially the University offered a Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery and a Diploma in Nursing Science (subsequently denominated Degree in Nursing). They currently offer twelve Degree Courses. 

The Trigoria Campus now includes the “Trapezio” Educational Complex, the University Hospital, the Biomedical and Bioengineering Advanced Research Complex (PRABB) and the Healthcare Centre for the Elderly (CESA).

The common goal is to form young people with a passion for reality, for the world and the environment in which they live, for the profession they are preparing to enter, and to instil in them a conception of work as an experience of personal growth and fulfilment and a tool with which to serve others.

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome promotes integrated teaching, research and healthcare structures, pursuing as the main end of all its activities the good of the human person. The University offers students a formational experience aimed at stimulating their cultural, professional and human growth, proposing the acquisition of skills in a spirit of service. It promotes knowledge, interdisciplinarity of the sciences, and research in all fields that contribute to the overall good of the human person. Patients are cared for in the unity of their material and spiritual needs, in accordance with a view of life open to the concept of transcendence.


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