In his clinic he uses innovative techniques and therapies, at the forefront of internal medicine and anti-aging medicine

Dr. Vicente Mera

Twenty-five years of international experience endorses this expert in multiple basic areas of aging, including genomics, nutrition, gut microbiota, immunity, detoxification, physical preparation, stress management, tobacco cessation, sleep, hormone substitution and nutritional supplements; as well as in related specific pathologies, such as menopause, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, fatty liver, COPD and irritable bowel. In the field of regenerative medicine and aging, Dr. Vicente Mera has incorporated new areas of knowledge such as bio-identical hormonal therapeutics, genetic and genomic counseling, the telomeric evaluation and obtaining of mesenchymal stem cells and the storage of them for future practical applications.

Dr. Mera studied in Seville, and then specialized in Internal Medicine -thanks to the maximum score obtained in the MIR exam- in one of the most reputable departments in Spain: The Puerta de Hierro Clinic in Madrid, where he served as chief resident for six years.

Subsequently, he worked in different hospitals in Seville, Cordoba and Alicante to finally settle on the Costa Blanca, where he was hired as head of the internal medicine service of the HCB hospital and, during the last decade, as head of Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging of SHA Wellness Clinic. This clinic stands out for its integration of effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and aging. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies manages to significantly enhance the positive impact that all of them have individually.  This wellness clinic seeks to improve the lifestyle of its clients through its innovative programs, such as “Healthy Ageing Man" and "Healthy Ageing Woman", by the hand of Dr. Vicente Mera.

At SHA Wellness Clinic, Healthy Aging is defined not only as aging without disease but also as an “optimal state of complete physical, mental, spiritual well-being and in harmony with the environment”. This difficult objective is achieved by planning with highly personalized and protocolized therapies that pivot on the triangle formed by healthy nutrition, adequate stress management and moderate practice of physical exercise, on which restorative sleep resolves, the correct hydration and detoxification, hormonal balance, internal microbiota and immune mechanisms. Biomarkers of aging are determined and they prevent the deterioration that the passage of time causes on cognitive function, emotions, the locomotor system, sexual activity and the organs of the senses, among others.

In Dr. Mera´s professional career , his total dedication to the patient, his meticulous diagnostic capacity, his eagerness to disseminate action in the therapeutic area, always applying protocols based on Western scientific evidence, but without disregarding other tools used by Eastern cultures ,stand out. 

The doctor expanded his training also internationally. He trained, among other cities, in Dallas, where he received additional practical training in the specific field of Eco-Doppler imaging of the supra-aortic circulation of the brain (carotid-vertebral arteries) and in Cleveland, where he began his interest in mesenchymal stem cells and regenerative medicine, actively participating in the international meetings of Case Western Reserve University. He also trained in Paris (tissue repair); Dubai (bio-identical hormones); Cambridge (genomics) and Orlando (peptides and GH).  Especially productive was his trip to Okinawa to learn about the benefits of the diet and lifestyle of the oldest inhabitants in the planet. 

He obtained the ABAARM certification from the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, whose theoretical preparation he carried out in London, and his practical counterpart in Melbourne. He has developed tutorials with medical students from the Universities of Scotland (Glasgow) and McGill (Montreal). Thanks to a constant attitude of updating and his eagerness to share his experience with the medical community around the world, Dr. Mera regularly attends dozens of scientific meetings and conferences on all five continents.

He has published several articles in prestigious medical publications such as "The Lancet", "Revista Clínica Española", "The Journal of Infectious Diseases" or "Travel Medicine", and actively participates in several Spanish and international associations of Internal Medicine and Travel Medicine.


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