Awarded on their innovation and contribution to research, being pioneers in egg cryopreservation in Europe

Dr. Daniel Sosa, medical director

Ovobank was Born in Marbella in 2013 as the first egg bank in Europe by embryologist Enrique Criado Sholz. Bank created to cover the needs of assisted reproduction centres around Europe, as well as those patients who need donor eggs for their treatments.

Its headquarters, located in the facilities of the Ovoclinic assisted reproduction clinic, have state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, which allows them to provide a service of the highest quality. All the means and protocols they use strictly comply with European regulations.

Ovobank aims to meet the growing demand for oocytes that are needed to perform treatments such as egg donation, thus helping to optimize the process and facilitating the path of future parents. This is why, in 2012 Ovoclinic (formely IVF Marbella) was born, a network of assisted reproduction clinics that multiplied the number of eggs donation centers in spain , allowing to meet the demand, not only nationwide , but also from several European countries.

All the processes carried out at Ovobank are carried out by qualified personnel, trained in the field of cryobiology and directed by Enrique Criado Scholz, a renowned specialist in embryology, with extensive experience both in Spain and in countries such as Italy or the United States. His medical team also has more than 20 years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction and always seeks to incorporate the most innovative techniques to achieve higher than average rates in treatments of all kinds and in highly complex cases. The laboratory protocols are very strict regarding the vitrification and devitrification of oocytes, guaranteeing their perfect conservation.

Ovobank has a large pool of donors of all races, nationalities and phenotypes. Ovobank donors must go through a series of specific tests (psychological, phenotypic, genetic, etc.) to ensure their good health. 

They have an exhaustive donor selection criteria, where almost 70% of the donation applicants are rejected for not meeting the requirements set by the egg bank. Genetic studies test, among others, more than 30 diseases linked to the X chromosome. "The donation process begins with an informative visit in any of our centers, in which the donor is informed about the entire donation process. If you finally decide to donate, you are completely checked to ensure your good health, always accompanied from beginning to end of the process by a specialized coordinator, "explains Criado.

One of the fundamental pillars of Ovobank is innovation. Its R&D team has designed a revolutionary egg batch order management system: Ovotracker, a platform that applies complete traceability for the shipment of batches to collaborating centers, facilitating the tracking of oocyte orders. In addition, they have an innovative mobile APP: Ovomatch, which allows you to find a physically similar donor thanks to its facial recognition algorithm. "We dedicate a large investment to the development of new applications and health protocols. Laboratories are the heart of our clinics. In addition, of the embryology and andrology laboratories, we have a specific one dedicated to R + D", says Enrique Criado, CEO of Ovobank.

Ovobank offers the possibility of requesting eggs directly as a patient, without intermediaries, also taking care of sending them to the collaborating center where the patient will perform her treatment. Those interested must fill out an application form with the physical characteristics, blood type and other data, so that specialists can find eggs from a donor with similar characteristics.

In recent years, the bank has become a benchmark to turn to in the face of the growing demand for eggs. They have donor recruitment centers in different strategic areas of Spain, South America and Europe, and stand out for their service of attention to collaborating centers and patients, which they attend to in several languages and providing a totally personalized service 

Ovobank ensures the highest quality of vitrified oocytes. Thanks to their meticulous donor selection process and their advanced and rigorous system of transport, storage and traceability of samples, they have the best conditions of conservation and quality of oocytes, which means a high percentage of pregnancy in their patients. "Thanks to Ovobank's devitrified eggs, we have managed to fertilize more than 38,700 eggs".

Since its creation, Ovobank has participated in the most relevant international congresses in assisted reproduction and research. In addition, they offer specific continuous training throughout the year through the Ovolearning platform, with training courses aimed at improving the skills of professionals who dedicate, or want to dedicate themselves, to the field of assisted reproduction. 


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