With more than 15,000 implants performed and more than 20 years of experience, they perform all kinds of dentistry

Dr. Ana Cores and Dr. Gabriel Herrera

The Herrera & Cores clinic was born from the union of more than two decades of professional experience of Dr. Gabriel Herrera and dentist Ana Cores. Together, they developed a global dentistry project that humanizes both  the care of their patients and the techniques they use to carry it out. This Spanish clinic has two practices in the heart of A Coruña. 

They have training in all areas of dentistry, specializing in specific areas such as implantology, aesthetics, periodontics and endodontics and prostheses.  , they also treat Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (SAHS), a pathology that carries a number of health risks.

Dr. Gabriel Herrera has a degree in dentistry, specialized for 15 years in Oral Surgery and Implantology furthermore, Dr. Ana Cores Suárez, has a degree in Dentistry from the USC, and specializes in dental aesthetics (smile design). Both are University Experts and Members of the Spanish Society of Stomatological and Aesthetic Prostheses (SEPES). 

A multidisciplinary team of professionals who combine several specialties, completes the staff of Dr. Herrera and Dr. Cores, who ensure that the secret of their success is "to have a team of dentists, hygienists and prosthetists, committed to the patient and aware of every detail, to ensure that coming to the dentist becomes a pleasant experience".

In their centers, they offer their patients the most advanced dentistry, carrying out    continuous training and combining all their knowledge with the latest high-tech generation instruments.

They have a 3D CT scan in each of their clinics, "With computed tomography in 3 dimensions, we achieve a more accurate diagnosis from day one and an optimal follow-up of the treatments. Without referring our patients to external centers, we reduce time and costs, "the management explains. They also work with Xguide technology, which approximates the precision of robotic surgery. It is a surgical navigation system that allows us to know in real time the exact position in which they are working to perform accurately and safely any previously planned surgery in 3D. In Herrera & Cores they have a mouth scanner with which they achieve a three-dimensional image without the classic and uncomfortable molds, thus facilitating the diagnosis and avoiding unnecessary discomfort, as well as the technology in colour – very necessary especially in those more aesthetic cases that demand absolute perfection – technique with which they ensure uniformity in aesthetic reconstructions. And, in addition, they have the most advanced aesthetic technology in a software to digitally design your smile, managing to analyze virtually the best options.

The previous planning of the surgeries -before performing it on the patient himself-, have allowed to perform implant interventions placing on the same day, the implants and fixed teeth screwed to those implants. In this sense, Dr. Herrera is a reference in the sector with more than 15,000 implants performed. "With digital smile design, we analyze the best options virtually so that the client can see the result before treatment. We know the end result before we've started," they say.

All these tools along with the team of Herrera & Cores, allow us to offer  treatments tailored to their patients and, in addition, "We provide solutions in general dentistry, periodontics, implantology, dental prostheses, dental aesthetics, invisible orthodontics and TMN pathology. We use implants made of pure titanium that act as a substitute for the root of the tooth. The surgery is first done virtually on the CT so that once the intervention is performed, all the pieces fit together without any problem and the patient can have on the same day, his new teeth. In addition, to ensure the optimal result, treatments include semi-annual check-ups and free radiological control."

Medical specialization and state-of-the-art technologies go hand by hand in this firm and this is the result of many years of study, dedication and innovation.


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