Doctor Amarelli's cardiac surgery consultancy is among the most recommended in Naples

Dr. Cristiano Amarelli

Dr. Cristiano Amarelli is a staff cardiac surgeon of the Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation Unit at the Monaldi hospital, Italy. He's also professor of the specialization course on mechanical circulatory support. His cardiac surgery consultancy in Naples is among the best, both for specialization and for professionalism. His experience and attention to his patients continues with the post cardiac surgery visit in Naples. 

Dr. Cristiano Amarelli has been working as a cardiac surgeon since 1998 when he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Second University of Naples with a specialist thesis in Clinic and therapy of septic mediastinitis post-cardiac sternotomy.

Manager of the IPAS "Outpatient Clinic for Dilated Heart Diseases" since 2010, he has always dealt with heart transplantation and in recent years has become the national referent for numerous national and international journals and conferences for the development of mechanical assistance.

Dr. Amarelli Cristiano's office provides his patients with advice on possible therapies to intervene in case of heart problems. Valvular pathologies and aortic aneurysms are among the most common conditions in which the intervention of the surgeon is necessary and sometimes inevitable, to restore the correct function of the heart. The advice of Dr. Amarelli Cristiano will be able to suggest the best procedures to carry out, as well as the intervention at the Colli Hospital.

Dr. Cristiano Amarelli visits both the Monaldi hospital and his private practice. Given his expertise, Dr. Amarelli can recommend any heart interventions where he considers the need to improve the patient's life conditions. Furthermore, given that one of the main areas of specialization is the long-term impact of the intervention on the function of the heart, his advice will not stop at the simple operation, but will also intervene subsequently with post-operative assistance. It is desirable for the patient to come to the doctor's office for a post-cardiac surgery visit to ensure the stability of the success of the surgical correction. The doctor will check that the surgery is successful and that the healing process is taking place without inflammation or infection.



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