"People's health and well-being are the cornerstone on which all decisions of the HLA Hospital Group are based"

Dr. Benito García-Legaz, medical director

The HLA Hospital Group is one of the largest hospital providers in Spain. It is made up of 17 hospitals and 36 multispecialty medical centers with reference units in state-of-the-art treatments, which work in an integrated way to provide access to high-level healthcare.

Con 1.300 plazas de hospitalización y 40 años de experiencia, el grupo HLA es un referente en la atención hospitalaria y ambulatoria. Sus profesionales garantizan un modelo de atención que se basa en la excelencia, la innovación, la responsabilidad y un trato humano y cercano.

Durante los dos últimos años se ha dado un gran impulso al proceso de expansión del grupo, con la adquisición de dos nuevos hospitales (HLA La Salud en Cádiz y la Clínica Serman, en Jerez de la Frontera). Además, se han puesto en marcha el Centro de Especialidades de HLA Mediterráneo en Almería, un nuevo centro diagnóstico en Granada y un nuevo centro médico en Aguas Vivas, Guadalajara.

With 1,300 hospitalization places and 40 years of experience, the HLA group  is a benchmark in hospital and outpatient care. Its professionals guarantee a model of care that is based on excellence, innovation, responsibility and a humane and close treatment.

During the last two years, a great boost has been given to the expansion process of the group, with the acquisition of two new hospitals (HLA La Salud in Cádiz and the SermanClinic, in Jerez de la Frontera). In addition, the HLA Mediterranean Specialty Center in Almeria, a new diagnostic center in Granada and a new medical center in Aguas Vivas, Guadalajara, have been opened.

At the same time, the modernization plan in hospitals and medical centers is advancing, with the acquisition of the latest technology and the development of the service portfolio. This plan is part of the opening of new units in hospitals of the group such as the Women's Units of HLA El Rosario (Albacete) and HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz), the arrhythmia unit in HLA Montpellier (Zaragoza), the digestive endoscopy units with artificial intelligence in HLA La Vega (Murcia) and HLA Vistahermosa (Alicante),  the breast units in HLA Los Naranjos (Huelva) and HLA Perpetuo Socorro (Lleida) or the Pediatrics units in HLA Inmaculada (Granada) and HLA Santa Isabel (Seville), among others.

The health and well-being of people are the cornerstone on which all decisions of the HLA Group are based. The company, which reinvests all its profits in the improvement of care, training and care for its employees, has invested more than 250 million euros in the last decade in the modernization of its infrastructures, as well as in the acquisition of new equipment, incorporating new professionals who guarantee that their medical assistance is of the first level. "We reward the integral care of people, reinvesting all the benefits in the improvement of care, the renovation of our centers and the support in the training of our professionals," claims the management.

During 2020, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the HLA Group has made a large investment to adapt to the unprecedented situation generated by COVID-19. Continuity of care and the safety of patients and workers was a priority from the beginning. 

The HLA Group has played a very important role in the management of the pandemic and treated almost 60,000 COVID-19 patients during 2020, many of them derived from public health, with which it collaborated from the first moment. To care for these patients, it has invested more than 15 million euros that have allowed the centers to be reorganized and the intensive care units and hospitalization beds  expanded, in addition to strengthening the workforce in the centers with the highest  care demand  by relocating staff and hiring new professionals. 

In fact, HLA has been the first healthcare company to certify its COVID-19 protocols throughout its healthcare network. "This certificate has been another step in the group's strategy for excellence and quality of care", quotes the organization.. 

In recent years, the exponential growth of digitalization in the company has boosted the online training impulse and the creation of resources in the training space. In addition, they have reinforced their commitment to sustainability, which goes beyond their business activity. The company contributes its grain of sand to local communities by continuously working on promoting cultural and knowledge projects for the benefit of society, as well as strengthening and expanding its alliances with leading entities in sustainability, such as, for example, with the United Nations Global Compact.


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