Dr. Antonio Mora del Rio is an eminence of sports medicine and traumatology in Spain, with extensive experience working with elite athletes and more than 30 years of health management

Dr. Antonio Mora del Río

With an extensive professional career behind him and recognized prestige in Spain, Dr.  Antonio Mora del Río is a specialist in Sports Medicine and Traumatology, areas in which he has developed both an intense professional practice of medical assistance, and an activity as a manager of technical units in hospitals. He has excelled in the prevention and early diagnosis of injuries, as well as in the practice of the most innovative techniques for their rehabilitation, recovery and rehabilitation.

Thus, in the last two years it has become a benchmark in REGENERATIVE medicine of the musculoskeletal system, safely accelerating the return to play of professional players. Certainly, this could be the solution to the serious injuries that professional players like Rafael Nadal or Sergio Ramos have.

This is achieved through the application of exosomes, which despite not being cells, have a decisive role in the communication, repair and revitalization of the body's cells. By using the exosomes in a deteriorated tissue, these will send proteins that will help the cells repair the tissue.  In this way, the great functionality of exosomes translates into two effects when applied in patients: noticeable decrease in inflammation and pain, as well as tissue repair and remodeling. 

Dr. Antonio Mora del Río is the visible head of Meditradepor, a specialized company born to offer care and treatment services in the field of traumatology and sports medicine for clubs and federations. A project that aroused the curiosity of several business groups in New York with interests in various franchises of the NFL, the NBA, the MLS or the Snap Fitness chain since the clubs or federations that resort to the outsourcing of medical services, achieve efficiency, effectiveness, savings and excellent results in a short space of time. Among these services, orthopedic and traumatological surgery, prevention, diagnosis and rapid treatment of injuries, as well as rehabilitation and readaptation  so that the athlete can return to his activity as soon as possible and fully recovered. "Beyond the economic aspect, which is important, when we talk about medical services in the world of elite sports, what is sought is the best recovery from injuries in the shortest possible time," explains the doctor. 

Dr. Antonio Mora del Río is a national reference in the specialty of Sports Medicine, and of vital importance to the prevention of injuries in athletes.  

"We provide global levels of care that take into account, not only prevention or surgery, but also complementary elements that aim to improve health, such as nutrition or rest," says the doctor. 

In addition, the Meditradepor medical team has a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for the development of its activity, covering all high-level sport’s needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in health management, Dr. Mora del Río is also director and coordinator of the Sports Medicine Service and the Accident Unit of the Quirón Salud group: Hospital General de Catalunya, Hospital Sagrat Cor and Clínica del Vallés.

Dr. Mora del Río graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona and trained as a specialist in the Football Club Barcelona and the School of Sports Medicine of Barcelona. He combined his years of academic training with the professional practice of basketball, highlighting his time in the first team of FC Barcelona and Real Club Deportivo Español, and then embarked on a career as an expert in martial arts. His background as a professional athlete has not only given him perspective in the treatment of sports injuries, but a greater capacity for empathy and understanding of the psychology of athletes. He has been head of the medical services of the EU Figueres, Girona FC, and has gone through all categories of Catalan football.

He is currently head of the Sports Medicine Service of the General University Hospital of Catalonia and head of the Medical Services of CE Sabadell and the Joventut Club of Badalona (ACBLeague).

Mora del Río and his medical team have a care and technical structure that covers the needs of the club's men's and women's teams, from the first teams to the CJB Basketball School, as well as the disabled teams of the Badalonesa entity. "Much of our work is aimed at elite athletes from different disciplines (football, tennis, basketball, Formula 1, motorcycling ...), sports clubs or federations, but we also offer our services to amateur athletes or school sports", explains the doctor.

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