Pioneer in the advanced neurophysiological study of pelvic floor and promoter of neuromodulation and mathematical analysis of biomedical signals

Dr. Francisco Martínez Pérez

Dr. Francisco Martínez Pérez is a specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Madrid. After completing his residency in Medicine in 2004 at the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, he worked as a physician and head of the Clinical Neurophysiology Service.

Clinical Neurophysiology is a medical specialty which objective is the study of the functional assessment of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord) and peripheral (nerves and muscles), as well as the sense organs and their pathways through the use of a series of techniques and cutting-edge technology with high-level equipment for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic purposes.

Dr. Martínez Pérez uses instrumental techniques based mainly on the recording of bioelectric activity of different structures and systems in a basal situation or after stimulation. He has a Master's Degree in Neurological Electrodiagnosis from the University of Barcelona, ??as well as the Master's Degree in Sleep: Physiology and Pathology, from the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville. In addition, he belongs to the Spanish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (SENFC), Sleep Group; the Spanish Sleep Society (SES), Pediatric Group; the Spanish Neurophysiological Intra-surgical Monitoring Association, the Chronic Pelvic Pain Committee, and the Neurological Cell Therapy Group. 

The doctor has also directed and participated in fifteen clinical trials, as well as in more than one hundred lectures, training courses, scientific publications and book chapters, including several consensuses and guides for scientific societies (SENFC, SES, AEP) and the National Commission of the Specialty. In addition to his extensive university teaching experience, including the direction of the Master's Degree in Updating in Neurophysiological Diagnosis and Treatment, the doctor performs editorial duties being a member of the editorial committee of ScienceVolks Publications, and an expert reviewer of various international medical publications: Journal of Pain Management and Therapy , Journal of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Research, Current Pediatrics Research, Biomedical Research, and Journal of Brain and Neurology.

Currently, he works mainly in the private sector: at the MIP Salud Clinic and at the Vitruvian Institute of Biomechanics and Surgery, having collaborated with the Ruber-Juan Bravo Hospital Complex and the Advanced Pain Management Center (La Milagrosa Hospital), with special dedication to the neurophysiological evaluation of neuromuscular and pain disorders, as well as to research.

Dr. Martínez is one of the pioneers in the advanced neurophysiological study of the pelvic floor and, more recently, in the painful processes of the ankle and foot, fields in which he has developed his own techniques. He is a promoter of neuromodulation (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) and mathematical analysis of biomedical signals for advanced diagnostic and research purposes (QEEG).

The study of the pelvic floor consists of a set of integrated diagnostic techniques, aimed at performing a functional assessment of the different regional neuromuscular structures. It is used mainly in the diagnosis of patients who report subacute or chronic pelvic pain, being useful in studies of functional alterations of urination or defecation (vesicourethral dysfunctions, incontinence) or in the organic assessment of sexual dysfunctions.

Thus, Clinical Neurophysiology makes it possible to diagnose diseases that affect the pelvic floor quickly and precisely, being carried out by means of tests with the latest technology medical equipment. 

In the opinion of Dr. Martínez: “Neurophysiological techniques must be interpreted in a clinical context, which is why individualized attention is essential, dedicating the necessary time and betting on the highest quality to optimize results. The present and future of the specialty passes through the collaborative interdisciplinary relationship that offers comprehensive solutions through advanced assessment, diagnosis and treatment techniques”.

The philosophy of the doctor is based on offering comprehensive care, actively listening to the patient, and offering him the solution that best suits his practice. In addition, he is a faithful defender of teamwork, focused on the patient: “I am privileged and fortunate to work with fellow defenders of the same philosophy, of interdisciplinary cooperation. The patient comes with a problem and our priority objective must be to offer comprehensive solutions, working as a team, in a transversal way and well communicated”, he explains. 

The doctor received in 2019 the National Prize of Medicine XXI Century in the category of Clinical Neurophysiology. Two years later, with an impeccable career and complete training in his specialty, he has achieved the European Award in Medicine 2021 in the same category: “Not everyone is lucky enough to dedicate themselves to what they like. The fact that they give you this type of award means that we are on the right track”, commented the doctor in an interview.

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