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Dr Alberto Vericat, CEO

With more than 10,000 dental implants placed annually Vericat, a Spanish company specialising in immediate implantology, has become one of the European benchmarks in oral rehabilitation. Their advanced clinical protocols allow them to offer all their patients fixed teeth in less than 24 hours.

Dr Alberto Vericat, an oral surgeon dedicated exclusively to dental implantology, is the creator of the care model of Vericat clinics and training centres. More than two decades of experience led him to develop an advanced clinic protocol in one of the most requested treatments today: dental implants 

Dr Vericat has become an authority in immediate dental implantology due to his work philosophy based in three values, rigour, passion and respect, as a guide and the only way to achieve excellence in medicine. Its activity is carried out in two areas that are interrelated: patient care and training.

The technique of implants and fixed teeth in one day, also known as immediate loading, allows, in the same session, the extraction of unrecoverable teeth (if any) and, a few hours later, the placement of the implants. It reduces to a few hours a process that, with the conventional technique, took months.

The Vericat Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit was born as a result of experience and specialization. A unit that is in all Vericat clinics with the aim of providing an advanced implantology solution with implants to patients with complex cases. Patients who cannot undergo conventional treatment because they do not have the necessary amount of bone. Thanks to this unit, patients also have at their disposal a solution of implants and fixed teeth in 1 day.

One of the techniques that Dr. Vericat uses for these patients is performed with zygomatic implants. These are implants that are anchored to the lower part of the cheekbone in order to place the new fixed teeth. This technique offers excellent results, making it the treatment of choice for these cases and Dr. Vericat is a reference for other dentists in these situations. 

Immediate loading implantology developed at Vericat has been a revolution in dental implant treatments, and more specially, a big improvement in the quality of life of their patients, allowing them to recover their smile. 

Parallel to the immediate implantology clinics, Vericat has a training and specialization centre for dentists, stomatologists and maxillofacial doctors from all over Europe. It has offices in Madrid and Valencia and its facilities have the latest technology in the sector. 


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