English-Speaking house call doctors and online consultations 

Gianluigi Guerriero, co-founder

MedinAction is an Italian on-demand, English-speaking medical service that delivers a qualified doctor to a patient in need, whether they are at home, at the office or in a hotel.

Patients can book a licensed physician online through the MedinAction website, iOS app or by phone at any time, scheduling to see the physician the same day. The platform also allows to live chat with a doctor.

MedinAction provides more than just a physical visit. Virtual counselling is a new tool to bring virtual care in the comfort of house or office. Video call encompasses all the ways healthcare providers remotely interact with their patients. In addition to treating patients via telemedicine, providers may use live video, audio, and instant messaging to communicate with patients remotely. The video call can be done in English or Italian.

The service is specially indicated for tourists, students or  working professional who need a quick medical attention in their language. Doctor from MedinAction can meet the patient whenever is convenient for them, no matter where they are.

When more specialized care is required, MedinAction provide referrals to paediatricians, gynaecologists and other certified specialists in their network, ensuring the patient receives the timely attention they deserve. If hospitalization or additional examinations are required (lab test, X-Rays, MRIs, CT-scans, Ultrasounds, Fit to Fly Certificates, etc.) MedinAction’s reliable network of trusted clinics and hospitals can assist with all their medical needs in a timely manner. “Our priority access to trusted clinics ensures our clients will receive only the highest quality service, in the fastest way possible, and with expedited results”, they stand out.

MedinAction collaborates with a variety of local physicians, including GPs, specialists and mental-health professionals. This inclusive service and expansive network of providers mean that they can find the best solution to their medical problems.

To make things easier, MedinAction accepts direct billing with several travel insurance companies. All other payments can be done in cash or via Paypal. The service is available in the biggest cities in Italy and now also in Barcelona and Ibiza.


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