A general practitioner for the whole family both in her office or via telemedicine

Dr Silvia Kurpanik

Dr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik studied medicine at the Hannover Medical School. She has worked in Germany, Spain and Switzerland and speaks Italian, Polish, German, Spanish and English. She is the perfect doctor for tourists, students, expats and business travellers.

Dr. Kurpanik attended the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy School in Florence. She currently lives in Florence, Italy, where she has her own private practice of general medicine and general paediatrics.

Her professional experience ranges from general/visceral and thoracic surgery to trauma surgery, emergency room work and a period in paediatrics. She is now focus in family medicine, being one of the first doctors in Italy using telemedicine.

The clinic Dr Silvia Kurpanik and E-Health Institute were founded in 2019. The first office was in the city centre of Florence. In January this year she opened the a second office in Campo di Marte which is now the main office. 

The office in Campo di Marte is characterized by his homelike ambience additionally to the medical endowment. There is a corner for young patients and a café for the adults. Children can be visited and treated while they play. Adults can relax with a cup of tea or coffee and the patients can be accompanied by family or partner. 

The clinic is open 7 days a week from 8.30 am to 9 pm. After 9 pm there is also an emergency service available which includes small outpatient surgery and wound treatment. The doctor also offers blood work in her office

From the beginning Dr. Kurpanik endeavoured for the development of digital services. The telemedicine now is an integral part of the clinic offer.

The clinic website transformed from a simple informational homepage to an interactive platform with patients accounts, chat and an online booking system. The patient can access anytime and anywhere to his medical record and consult his medical history and documentation.

Telemedicine is able to solve a large part of everyday health problems, while for more complex diseases doctors can help the patient by informing and addressing it; it can be applied as an independent remote treatment, follow-up, monitoring of outpatient therapies and as monitoring of chronic diseases.


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