Transforming lives for over 47 years

Broadway Lodge is one of the leading and most respected abstinence-based addiction treatment centres in the UK. It was founded in 1974 and since then, its multidisciplinary team have helped to transform thousands of peoples’ lives, supporting them in their recovery from addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex and gaming. At Broadway Lodge, they want to make sure their patients get the best help and that they maintain their recovery for the rest of their lives. Broadway Lodge states that “Addiction is treatable and we know that long-term recovery is achievable. Our former clients are testament to that. Thousands of people have begun an exciting recovery journey with our support after the hell of addiction”.

Since Broadway Lodge opened in 1974, they have helped well over 15,000 people to get their lives back. The centre provides a place where the clients can feel safe, respected, cared for and comfortable. They are welcomed with open arms and supported compassionately from the moment they arrive.

At Broadway Lodge, a multidisciplinary team work with clients to explore and address underlying causes of their addiction so they can gain the tools for a long-term recovery and develop healthy coping mechanisms without using alcohol, substances or harmful behaviours. Furthermore, some of the professionals working at the centre have experienced addiction themselves showing that recovery really is possible with the right support. “We know what it’s like. Some of our expert qualified staff have been in our clients’ situation too and have successfully recovered”, they say.

As well as comprehensive therapeutic treatment, Broadway Lodge also provides medically-managed detoxification and are one of few centres in the UK to offer both services in one place. There is a team of specialist nurses and health care assistants who care for clients 24/7.  

The centre is fully compliant with the standards of the Care Quality Commission who rated Broadway Lodge ‘Good’ in all areas inspected in their latest report.


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