“I like to describe PODO as a ‘garage for the human body’”

Christophe Champs, founder

Located in central London, PODO Podiatry & Biomechanics is a podiatry centre founded in 2016 by Christophe Champs. Christophe  was determined to create an accessible and affordable clinic which made custom orthotics on-site during a 90minute appointment. This means every client can walk away with the orthotic support they need and not have to wait weeks while they are made elsewhere.

Christophe is passionate about helping people create a solid foundation for their body by ensuring that their feet have the balance they need. By working from the feet upwards the entire body is supported and injury, wear and tear, and fatigue are all reduced.

PODO receives patients from across Europe and the USA, including athletes, women during and after pregnancy, children and teenagers, patients with arthritis and diabetes, elderly people or post traumatic patients.

The company currently owns a  clinic in central London, and plans to expand to Cambridge and beyond in the next couple of years.

According to Christophe Champs, education is one of the main pillars of the clinic. At PODO, 90% of the orthotics treat a condition or injury located above the feet. Rather than sending foot casts over to factories, Christophey moulds the orthotics, layer by layer, directly onto the patients’ feet, handcrafting them in front of the client. “It is a personal, immersive process and one that allows patients to walk away with the exact pair of orthotics they need at the end of their appointment”, explains the CEO.

To put it simply, the PODO Clinic and Workshop operates as a space to make the body work better in just an hour and a half. Adopting a multi-faceted approach to health; PODO is committed to thorough, personable consultations, premium materials, and research-backed treatment plans.

With an all- encompassing approach to Podiatry, PODO’s philosophy takes account of the patient’s physique as a whole to fully address their problems and root causes. “I like to describe PODO as a ‘garage for the human body’. The bio-mechanical rules are the same whether you are sporty or sedentary, young or elderly, but the orthotic you will need is entirely unique. That’s the beauty of a bespoke consultation with a custom-made orthotic at the end”. concludes Christophe Champs.

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