Leader in the development of electro-modulated hyperthermia and cancer research

Dr Elisabet Arrojo

Elisabeth Arrojo, MD, PhD is an Oncologist, Doctor Cum Laude By University of Oviedo, and Professor at the Catholic University of Murcia, in Spain. She is an expert in advanced cancer, pain and Oncology nutrition.

She has a long, brilliant and extensive research career and several milestones are attributed to her, such as leadership in electro-modulated hyperthermia treatment in Spain, through the Advanced Oncology Medical Institute (INMOA), a centre which has become a national and international oncology benchmark.

In 2014, Dr Elisabeth Arrojo led a pioneering technique for breast cancer treatment, which reduces the 6-7 weeks of radiotherapy treatment to a single outpatient session, also reducing the side effects of standard treatment. Soon after that, she was awarded by the American Society of Brachytherapy and moved to the USA where she continued her professional career and was recognized as “Extraordinary Person in Science”, the same recognition granted to Nobel Prizes who carry out their work in the States.

Electro-modulated hyperthermia, in which Dr Arrojo is leader, has some advantages over conventional hyperthermia. Thanks to its selectivity, this technique manages to heat the tumour without heating healthy tissue, which avoid side effects. This heating improves chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy results, increasing significantly survival in cancer patients. It is not an alternative treatment, but complementary, and it’s approved by the health authorities to be applied by specialized oncologists.

Nowadays, Dr Arrojo chairs the International Society of Clinical Hyperthermia Oncology (ICHS) and is tutor of the European Society of Radiotherapy Oncology (ESTRO). She has been granted with many national and international awards. She is Professor of the international master’s degree in Interventional Oncology and, besides heading INMOA, she is also the main investigator of the modulated electrohyperthermia treatment in the public health system in Spain. She also participates in many medical congresses and presentations. Her desire to communicate the results and evidence of research in her field has led her to write several chapters in specialized books and participate in several talks and interventions in the press.


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