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Raquel Britzke

Raquel Britzke is a Bachelor in Human Nutrition and Dietetics by one of the best Universities in Brazil. She specialises in weight loss & sports nutrition. She moved to the UK in 2009 where she completed a post-graduation in Sports Nutrition within the International Olympics Committee.

She is an experienced registered dietitian, sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She counsels clients privately and works as a consultant to physicians, health clubs, and corporations.

Her management experience started earlier, when she joined Sodexo-Puras in 2009. During the Olympics, Raquel worked as a catering manager for Sodexo Prestige, looking after the biggest catering site inside of the Olympics Park at Stratford.

The next step was to open a weight loss and sports nutrition clinic with a strong focus on social media, to share their nutrition knowledge and reach as many people as possible with a message of health and well-being promotion.

Known not only for her consultations but also for her online programmes and her great presence on social networks, Raquel Britzke is today one of the most famous names in the world of nutrition. With clients in 74 countries participating in her nutrition programs, Raquel is an example of understanding and leveraging the online model in nutrition.

Her career quickly got to a point where the appointments she had available were not enough, and it began to have a lot of demand from clients, who ended up having to wait more than six month for an appointment to see her. Raquel then decided to start with online programmes, that helped more than 9000 women achieve results. Since then she has created many other online programmes with clients from all over the world. 


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