He uses the most innovative techniques for early diagnosis and rapid recovery of injuries in athletes of all disciplines and categories

Dr Antonio Mora del Río

Dr. Antonio Mora del Río is a renowned Spanish specialist in sports medicine and traumatology. He has an extensive professional career behind him, developed both in intensive professional practice of medical care as well as in management of highly specialized technical units in hospitals.

He currently runs MTD – Meditradepor, a global enterprise born to offer specialized care and innovative treatment services in the fields of traumatology and sports medicine. MTD offers key orthopedic surgery, traumatology, injury prevention, diagnosis, rapid treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation and readjustment services for athletes, enabling them to return to their demanding activity levels quickly and effectively.

MTD’s work is mainly targeted at elite athletes and sport clubs or federations in different disciplines (football, tennis, basketball, formula 1, motorcycling...). In addition, they also cater to amateur sports and school sport teams, providing global levels of care that include areas like prevention or surgery, but also complementary elements that aim to holistically improve health and wellbeing, expertly leveraging and combining innovative technology solutions with the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Dr. Mora is also head of the Medical Services of CE Sabadell and Club Joventut of Badalona (ACB League - Eurocup). The doctor and his medical team have put together a very complete healthcare and technical structure that covers the needs of all the club’s teams, from the first teams to the CJB Basketball School, including their handicapped athletes.

With over 30 years of experience in health management, Dr. Mora del Río is also director and coordinator of the Sports Medicine Service and the specialized Traffic Accidents Units of Spanish Quirónsalud Group: Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya, Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor and Hospital Quironsalud Vallés.

In recent years he has become a benchmark in regenerative medicine of the musculoskeletal system, safely accelerating the return to play of professional players through efficient use of exosomes and stem cells, which play a decisive role in cellular communication, repair and revitalization, enabling remarkable reductions in inflammation and pain while repairing and remodeling injured tissue.

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