Swaven’s POP - Point of Purchase - solutions allow consumer brands to turn all their digital marketing contents shoppable to drive lead generation, customer engagement and sales

Headquartered in Paris, Swaven was founded in 2013 to help brands leverage their digital branding efforts to boost their business online and offline. With Swaven’s brand commerce technology and POP solutions, brands optimize customer experience and accelerate the shopping journey. “Whether it's on websites and social media, in videos or banner ads, we geo-locate consumers when they express interest in brand products and display them the relevant online and offline retailers and points of sale. In one click, consumers can then be redirected to the retailer of their choice to finalize their purchase online or locate nearby stores”, the company explains.

Swaven’s technology can be deployed quickly and easily anywhere in the world, on any digital touch point and in any digital format. Today, Swaven’s POP solutions are actively used in over 30 countries by more than 450 international groups and brands like L'Oréal, Kenzo, Pierre Fabre, Henkel, TOMY, Mattel, Danone, COTY, Groupe SEB, Philips, PUIG, Johnson & Johnson, Bacardi, etc. Swaven’s platform currently tracks the availability of 100M+ products, for 1.200+ distributors and 300.000 points of sale daily for its customers. Multiple new implementations are under way to further increase the company’s international coverage, especially in Asia and America.  

Thanks to Swaven’s unique technology, a brand’s website and its advertisements can become shoppable in minutes, without any need for the brand to modify their content or to call for technical experts. Swaven also offers unprecedented customization and design options for brands so the look and feel of their shoppable service seamlessly reflects their brand image.

Swaven was the first ‘where-to-buy’ ad-tech provider of its kind to obtain Google certification. In terms of data collection and analysis, the company has also pushed the limits. Swaven allows brands to estimate the contribution of their marketing on their business revenue in a clear and quantifiable manner with a unique Business Impact KPI. A new Swaven web app was launched this year to provide customers with access to on-the-go data and graphics on their performance, lead generation and ROI generated through their marketing actions.

“We provide marketers and their agencies with the necessary tools to measure and analyse the impact of all their digital marketing actions on the entire conversion funnel. This allows them to determine which marketing investments to consider and on which levers to increase their digital profitability.”

Operating as a SaaS, Swaven collaborates with leading specialists of ad serving, tag management, DSP, DMP, mobile technology etc. The company’s technology is compatible with all current industry standards and platforms. Swaven is lead today by its two co-founders Laurent Quatrefages, CEO, and Sébastien Thiberge, COO & CFO. Years of personal and professional experience in the digital and ecommerce ecosystem and their strong entrepreneurial determination, led to the creation of Swaven, The Brand Commerce Company, in 2013. With the objective of helping brands to turn their digital marketing efforts into direct business opportunities, Laurent and Sébastien continue to drive the development of Swaven’s innovative solutions for consumer product brands worldwide.


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