Saunier Duval stands out for its commitment to the environment, promoting recycling, rational use of resources, responsible consumption and environmental awareness

Saunier Duval, a company founded in 1907, is part of a multinational business group that leads in Europe the supply of intelligent air conditioning systems for home comfort.

During its more than 100 years of life, the firm has been defined as a leading brand in air conditioning, committed to the environment. Commitment that has led it throughout its history to investigate and develop efficient and sustainable solutions, such as condensation technology in boilers or the first heat pumps based on aerothermal energy. In addition, reinforcing this trend, adds to its services a digital platform under the name of "Re Magazine" that promotes a more ecological, innovative and efficient energy model.

Saunier Duval is offering today tomorrow’s air conditioning solutions. In addition to the condensing boilers that provide great energy efficiency, the innovative Genia systems with aerothermal heat pump, which obtain energy from the air or its photovoltaic systems that operate with solar energy, stand out. These products and systems can be combined to achieve maximum comfort with minimum consumption in any situation both efficiently and sustainably.

Another advantage that Saunier Duval's innovative systems offer to customers is savings, both energy and economic. In comparison with other air conditioning technologies, aerothermal energy has very low energy consumption. The reason is simple. It is because the heat pump, instead of using the energy it consumes (electricity) in heat, uses it to extract and transport thermal energy from outside air. This makes possible that, for every kW of electricity consumed, a heat pack can supply up to 4 kW of heat.

"All our products are manufactured with proven technology and with the best quality materials aimed at improving the aspects of economy, comfort, safety and respect for the environment in heating and air conditioning products", they say from management department.

All of its actions are part of the company's sustainability strategy. Since 2011, it has been participating in a sustainability management process, designed to respond to the challenges of the future focused on the fields of environment, products and society, development and employees.

Furthermore, in its platform “Re Magazine” they make clear their position in favour of sustainability, recycling and protecting the environment, dedicating a good part of the content of their website to this matter. “Oriented to sustainability”, they explain, “our purpose is to use resources responsibly, trying to reduce CO2 emissions, prevent negative aspects in the environment and actively use the opportunities presented to us to improve them”, they indicate from the company , adding that: "we offer our customers efficient energy products during the product life cycle: from development to purchase, from production to use and from service to recycling".



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