The firm is an expert in industrial processes, connectivity and customer support from mobile robotics

ASTI Mobile Robotics Group is an international group of companies dedicated to mobile robotics. An engineering company dedicated to the study, design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of logistics solutions, through AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

The group, formed by highly qualified personnel, has the widest range of driverless vehicles on the market and are European leaders in the manufacture of mobile robots, being experts in industrial connectivity and data analysis provided by robots. They have various navigation systems and an important manufacturing capacity of thousands mobile robots. They are committed to a joint R&D strategy, which strengthens their market value proposal and consolidates their international services by promoting a common customer-centered culture.

Driverless vehicles are the core of ASTI's activity. They offer AGVs in three categories: ‘Automotive’, complete solution for OEMs and Tier 1 to maximize their competitiveness; ‘Ecommerce’, AGV systems suitable for managing multiple SKUs, ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods’, integrated mobile robot systems for pallet movements.

ASTI is an expert in industrial processes, connectivity and customer support. It is a provider of one of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, but at the same time, it is a client of all this digital transformation.

ASTI's mobile robots are not only the company's transportation system, moving commodity from one place to another, but at the same time they are their nervous system because they transmit information. They collect data. With all the information they generate, in what they call the ‘Facebook of the machines or our cloud’, they can extract a lot of value. All mobile robots have a PC on board, very sensorial, and it is like a walking IoT chip, which is constantly collecting information. 

With more than 35 years of experience, since the history of the company dates back to the year of its foundation, in Burgos, in 1982, its leap from SMEs to multinationals, would wait until 2003, when Verónica Pascual, current CEO, takes the reins of the family business and propels it to become a benchmark in the sector internationally.

In just 15 years, ASTI went from being a company of 20 employees to an international company of 240 workers that offers mobile robotics solutions to large companies present in 17 countries. The firm was one of the pioneers in betting on the manufacture, installation and maintenance of vehicles without drivers for the automation of industrial processes in sectors such as manufacturing, automobiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and aerospace. "Since 2004 we have multiplied turnover by 20 and the human team by 10," says Pascual. In its last fiscal year, the company closed a profit of 3.6 million euros.

Recently, ASTI has signed an agreement for the acquisition of InSystems Automation, a German company specializing in the development of innovative automatic solutions. Thus, the Spanish company strengthens its position as a European leader in the manufacture of automatic guided vehicles, boosting its presence in Central Europe and, in addition, completes and expands its range of vehicles with four other types. Currently, ASTI has offices in Burgos and Madrid (Spain), Mulhouse (France), Berlin (Germany) and North Carolina (United States).

Among its short-term objectives, the CEO plans to further increase turnover and consolidate in the international market. "Looking ahead to 2023, we seek to multiply our turnover by 5, consolidate our position in Europe, grow strong in the United States and continue to expand internationally," acknowledges the entrepreneur.


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