They offer the latest technological solutions and information systems to help customers transform their business into their particular digital challenge

EinzelNet Consulting Group has been applying the most disruptive technologies for 16 years on Informational and Operational Systems, building solutions that help transform clients’ business. Founded in 2001 with only 3 workers, it grew at an exponential rate until became a firm benchmark in the sector.

It is specialized in Technology and Information Systems, which offers assistance to its customers so that they can adapt their businesses to new technologies, maximizing their use.

The company offers individualized attention, analyzing customer needs and their IT systems. They have different departments and functions, with a clear commitment to three premises that make up the spirit of the company: talent, commitment and vocation.

They currently have more than 160 professionals, 90% of them are engineers. They offer training and professional development and have more than 350 certifications.

“We have built a sustainable, competitive, human and optimistic company, in which we love to work. This has allowed us to develop a business structure based on enormous financial robustness, year after year, with zero debt and full reinvestment of the benefit; a framework of strategic decisions that can only be understood by long term conditions; and a human factor policy aimed at professional qualification, meritocracy and internal promotion of talent”, explains José Gil, its CEO.

The entire EinzelNet portfolio is chosen and designed to help companies face their particular digital challenge. "With an increasingly heterogeneous and complex IT, it is normal for companies to choose to replace the traditional "Do it yourself ", with an "As a service ", and turn to companies such as EinzelNet, expert and with many implementations and services behind him, as the most effective way to optimize investments, generate successful and profitable strategies and avoid paying burdensome opportunity costs”, says the CEO.

To strengthen their leadership, they dedicate a high percentage of their resources to innovation, creating solutions of enormous added value, which intertwine, according to their needs, concepts of Industry 4.0, IoT, Big Data, Real Time Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Process Transformation, OT / IT Convergence, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and all the backend and frontend infrastructures necessary to make the solution a reality.

“We don't know if we are so agile because we are so innovative or if we are so innovative because we are so agile. The truth is that we feed an active and dynamic mentality of continuous improvement every day”, notes José Gil.

With dozens of references in clients of all types, nature and condition, EinzelNet plays a leading role in the development of technological projects of IT and Digital Business of great importance and complexity, in any productive sector.


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