It has a Big Data and Advanced Analytics centre in Europe that helps customers to manage large volume of data in a simple and efficient way for their businesses

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational developed to design, build and manage information systems and services for clients, both in public and private industries.

After many years of experience in the sector, it has become a leading company in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with a wide range of technological products, solutions and services.

Over the years, Fujitsu has detected companies of all sizes that have an increasing adaptation and understanding in the field of Big Data, which consists of combining large volumes of data from various sources, processing and analysis - often in real time, to make faster, better and automated decisions, to create new business opportunities, differentiate from the competition and improve their operational efficiency. Fujitsu has found a way to offer solutions that these companies need by creating an industrialization and development framework for artificial intelligence and analytical solutions, based on Big Data processing technology, called Sholark that is specially designed to bring the use of these technologies to users.

Furthermore, from a specific HW point of view to support such solutions, the company has PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, which combines the convenience of pre-configured and pre-tested hardware, with the advantages of open source software, to offer to its clients the opportunity to take advantage of the data found in their systems and thus obtain a competitive advantage through the implementation of analytical use cases focused on improving their business.

Another example that has recently launched on the market is the Deep Learning Unit (DLU), specially designed for the use of deep learning that uses complex neural networks to work with large-scale data, helping to accelerate the training time for AI.

In recent years, the world of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and big data has suffered a boom that is causing rapid adoption by both the public and private sectors of this type of technology. This has made, due to the different degree of maturity of these organizations, the complexity of implementing this type of technologies, associated with free software or the reluctance to change their own employees, that their adoption has not always been satisfactory or the return for the business has not been clear. To this we must add that adoption is being uneven depending on the area or sector. For example, in the part of customer service or customer intelligence, it was among the first to adopt such technologies, while others, such as legal or regulatory compliance areas, have lagged further behind in this transformation.

Therefore, Fujitsu, from its centre of excellence of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, has set itself the objective of democratizing or bringing the use of these technologies to all types of users and sectors through verticalized solutions specially designed to facilitate and do efficient work of non-technically skilled users. All this with the guarantee and reliability provided as a company with a solid track record in the development and maintenance of mission-critical systems, as well as its commitment to society and the development of human-centered technology.


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