Innovation experts who build on scientific acumen to turn creative ideas into robust digital solutions

Supercharge is a next-generation innovation company based in Hungary that creates transformative digital solutions, offering digital strategy, design and software for their customers who want to make their business future-fit.

The brand is currently one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe and has over 100 digital experts working passionately from London and Budapest in order to build better futures. Supercharge redefines, diversifies and protects businesses by understanding the shifting consumer needs while striking the right balance between bold vision and scientific acumen. “We believe that innovation is a team effort: strategists, designers, developers and engineers work shoulder to shoulder to enable tomorrow what yesterday was still impossible”, the company points out.

Supercharge was founded by a group of high school friends who thought digital products – especially those coming out of the enterprise world – can be done much better. The founders are natural strategic thinkers with a solid engineering background who hires the brightest talent with the goal of becoming the best digital innovation company in Europe. “This quickly led us to realise that in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of ours only those will succeed who simultaneously manage to master the business, the people and the tech aspect of creating digital products”, they say.

Supercharge by now became an integrated digital innovation agency whose products are used by millions from San Francisco, through Berlin to Jakarta. Industry-leading clients from Europe, the US and Asia turn to Supercharge if they are looking for building digital products that are fit for the future. “We believe in the power of technology to expand the potential of human achievement. We think technology should be a force for positive change and we have that in mind whatever challenge we take on. But all is not down to the people or the process: the values we uphold drive us to create exceptional products”, they highlight. 

The company has been at the forefront of digital disruption for a decade deliberately seeking challenges in seemingly distinct areas to keep their perspective fresh. Their innovation methodology and digital craftsmanship is readily applicable in all the industries that are preparing themselves for a digital future.

From crafting mobile banks with radically new customer experiences to reimagining financial education for the next generation, Supercharge is a trusted innovation partner for challengers and established players as well. In a world where every machine is connected to a network of billions of other, software can shape lives with spectacular effect. Several sectors, like financial services, health, transportation and agriculture will reach new heights of performance and efficiency. “Our deep roots in software engineering and design thinking enable us to craft products which ensure that the new connected reality aims to make human life better and easier.”  they explain.


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