The founding mission of Inves Biofarm is the research, development and manufacture of orphan drugs that improve life quality of patients with rare diseases, as well as generate an independent and sustainable project that acts as a core and platform for research groups and patient associations in the evaluation and development of new therapeutic possibilities.

The company, based in Granada, Spain, began its journey in 2012 with exponential growth over the years and has become the first company that researches, manufactures and develops orphan drugs in Spain and Europe. Its headquarters are located in the nerve center of research and development in medicine of Granada, the Health Technology Park.

Products made in Inves Biofarm are intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of rare, very serious diseases that put people's lives at risk.

Inves Biofarm has achieved in a short time, important objectives such as an international biotech patent for stabilization of proteins to be used in the dermatology field (EGF, KGF, etc.), products that achieve healing of recalcitrant ulcers, improvements in acne, psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as wrinkle reduction of up to 96%.

More than 30% of Inves Biofarm's human and economic resources are dedicated to R&D. “Proof that they are more than projects, this year, to better reach the market, they have established a commercial division, Wiotech Spain that is added to the existing network of distribution that under different brands specific to each segment (Wiotech, Invesderm, Wiohair, etc.) is already marketed and exported to other European countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece and important reference markets such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong ”, they point out from the company. Wiotech is the only line of medical and biocosmetic products with EGF (epithelial growth factor) that uses its own and patented stabilization procedure. The Wiotech Formula is based on two of the elements present in our epidermis naturally, responsible for the processes of regeneration and elasticity of the skin.

The firm now seeks to increase the international presence, since they have planned launches on five continents for next year.In this sense, the last technological milestone achieved by the laboratory is a key point in the expansion of the brand. This is the certification of manufacturing and marketing throughout the European Community of injectable medical devices (hyaluronic acid fillers), which is only achieved with the highest quality standards at the forefront of technology.

In recent years, Inves Biofarm has managed to launch a multidisciplinary research group capable of generating ideas, developing them, formulating them, carrying out the necessary studies according to European regulations, manufacturing them and getting them to reach the market. "We are very pleased to say that we have successfully completed each of these difficult challenges and we hope to continue moving forward," they conclude.



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