The state company is at the forefront of e-commerce by offering simple and global solutions for everyone

Correos is the operator responsible for providing the Universal Postal Service in Spain. It has become the largest public company in that country holding more than 2,350 offices throughout the national territory, along with the Virtual Office, which has become the most active daily, exceeding in many cases the operations made by citizens and customers in the main physical offices.

The entity also offers various e-commerce channels to all entrepreneurs, covering all their digital needs through simple and effective tools that allow success in the virtual market. 

Correos makes the leap to electronic commerce easier and global through its e-commerce solutions, which allow any business to sell its products via internet. The company offers different solutions, divided into Create Web or Create Online Store, which allows the creation and design of the online store and integration with reference partners such as Paypal, Servired and even other logistics tools used to order online. It also offers the e-commerce solution Sell in Marketplaces that simplifies the sale in more than 50 Marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Tmall Global, etc.

Likewise, the postal company offers the Create your App service so that those businesses that need constant and direct communication with their customers, do so through an app. The benefits of this application lie in the custom and custom development of it along with the low cost. This allows any company, no matter the resources they have got, to provide its customers with a good experience through mobile services.

These solutions arise as a result of the innovation and transformation of Correos towards the world of e-commerce creating the unique ecosystem that it is today, allowing customers to sell on the Internet with all the guarantees.

The window to online commerce for local products is called Correos Market and is born from CORREOS' commitment to generate business in the rural world.

Nowadays, in addition to almost 30,000 mail carriers that deliver daily, Correos has already installed more than 5,000 CityPaq: automated terminals for the collection of online purchases. Installed both in public areas, such as service stations, supermarkets, public transport stations ...; or private - like neighborhood communities or business centers. They are accessible during the opening hours of the place where they are located. And they have a favorable impact on the environment, avoiding transportation and multiple attempts to deliver the package to the recipient, reducing the CO2 footprint.

Any Post merchandise product that makes up a wide catalog can be purchased through the Company's Online Store.

Eventually, Correos works to open borders in commerce (cross border ecommerce) supporting Spanish brands in their international trip to China and other countries.


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