Their teams have helped companies around the world to develop food in line with current consumer trends: safe, minimally processed and with their natural properties intact

Hiperbaric, located in Burgos (Spain), is a highly technological company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of high-pressure processing equipment (HPP) for the food sector.

It emerged in 1999, when Andrés Hernando, faithful to his entrepreneurial spirit and with the help of a large group of professionals, launched an R&D project to develop the world's first industrial and horizontal HPP team, the San Mateo project. 

Since then, thanks to a technology of great versatility applicable to a wide range of foods and the tireless search for solutions that meet the needs of consumers and industry, it has become the world's leading provider of this technology with 60% share of market. In its more than 20 years of history, Hiperbaric has installed around 280 equipment in more than 40 countries on five continents, with export rates of 90%.

Currently, in addition to its headquarters and production plant of 30,000 m2 in Burgos, it has an international delegation in Miami (USA) and offices of commercial and technical representation in Mexico, Asia and Oceania. A global and close presence that, together with continuous improvement and 24/7 service, has allowed it to offer a fast and efficient service valued by its customers as exceptional.

With innovation as the core of the company, among reliability, customer service and teamwork, Hiperbaric has become a worldwide reference for the food and beverage industry thanks to the most reliable range of equipment and broad market. In the words of its CEO, “Our range is composed of vessels of different sizes to be able to respond to the varied needs of our clients, from small companies and suppliers of niche markets, to the largest multinationals. Thanks to the efforts and advances in design and materials, preventive and operational maintenance times are minimized, adapting the equipment to the special conditions of a food production environment”.

A leadership that would have been impossible to achieve without the capacity and attitude of the more than 120 people who are now part of this multinational: “We recognize people as a fundamental pillar of our present and future success. At Hiperbaric we are proud to have a team of enthusiastic, committed and talented people. In addition, customer orientation is key in the organization, always ready to accept new challenges in order to anticipate and participate.”

As Andrés Hernando affirms, in Hiperbaric they will continue advancing steadily and working hard to develop technology, create value, generate opportunities and ensure that their people, neighbors, suppliers and customers continue to develop and progress alongside this great company.


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