The firm offers innovative technological solutions that allow the customer to achieve business objectives and align applications and technological infrastructures

BeClever is a Spanish company that offers advanced services in information technology (IT) to help its clients face the main technological challenges.

The firm was founded in 2011 by a small group of young entrepreneurs. Since then, they have managed to position themselves at the head of the sector and become an international benchmark. “Our mission is to offer innovative and valuable technological solutions that allow our clients to meet their business objectives and help them align their applications and technological infrastructures with the business in a safe way,” they explain. 

BeClever offers consulting, implementation or administration services related to Infrastructure and BBDD, Applications or Cybersecurity. Additionally, the company offers certain cloud services to solve certain customer needs. "In any of our services, we place special emphasis on automation, performance and safety," they say from the company.

In this sense, BeClever has managed to place itself at the forefront of Cybersecurity by offering services from a global perspective and taking into account several parameters. "Paradoxically, the user has become the new perimeter, the main point of risk and protection of company information." BeClever recommends continuous training to educate users in the identification of attacks, avoiding any risk. Its continuous training is essential to improve the safety of companies. In turn, it is essential to work on minimizing user permissions in the different applications to which they have access. To minimize user permissions, the firm is committed to implementing Identity Management (IAM) solutions, which allow companies to effectively manage user permissions, based on roles, and further automate provisioning of user accounts. 

From an access point of view, it is essential to implement the necessary mechanisms to ensure adequate access and for the right people, such as multi-factor authentication, and thus avoid undue access.

On the other hand, BeClever also protects privileged accounts, that is, those that give access to the company's technological infrastructure, where the most valuable information resides in companies and that pose the greatest risk vector in case a hacker is do with them. These projects will allow us to avoid the knowledge of the passwords of this type of accounts by the IT departments, something that will result in an immediate increase in security. In addition, this type of solutions will allow us to know exactly what actions are carried out by IT administrators, auditing and recording the sessions they use, so that we can reproduce them at our will.

Finally, it is essential to protect the companies' own information, guaranteeing the anonymization of the information, fundamental both from a security point of view and to comply with regulations such as the GPRD. Itis essential to mask certain data in development database, so that this data does not correspond to the real data in the productive environments, thus preventing the development teams from having access to real data.


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