The device sticks close to you and it is smart enough to be able to navigate obstacles and crowds as fast as 6.75 mph

Travelmate, designed by Travel Mate Robotics, based in San Francisco, USA, is the first fully autonomous suitcase. A robot suitcase that can move itself and follows its owner around the airport so we will never have to carry our luggage again. The company has a core development and design team of 26 members working every day on state-of-the-art technologies and robotics.

The robot works in a similar way to autopilot systems in vehicles like Tesla cars. It automatically finds the best route and analyses the most effective way to move forward. Its technology also helps the owner in case of lost or theft. Travelmate will take appropriate measures to get back to its owner. It is fitted with GPS, so by using an app on your phone, you will be able to track its location at any time. Its inaudible motor is powerful enough to carry another bag on top.

Nowadays we see more and more robots for personal use entering our homes and adapting to consumer lifestyles. The tourism sector is one of the activities where there are more opportunities for technology companies. Travelmate is truly the future of robotic travel assistance. “Travelmate is perfect for any situation. It can carry your stuff for you when you’re going to work, walking to school or rushing to the airport gate. Smart features like omni wheels and our Follow Me system means that Travelmate is at the cutting edge of AI and autonomous movement technology. It uses the Travelmate application to follow you and to better pinpoint its location at all times”, company points out.

The suitcase integrates with owner’s smartphone to move vertically or horizontally with ease. It can travel at different speeds and follows the owner around the airport. The battery that powers Travelmate can be easily removed and is charged with wireless technology. The battery can also be used to charge almost all electronics through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet. Low energy Bluetooth module allows for a long lasting and consistent connection.

The robot uses a secure TSA standard Bluetooth enabled lock. The company said it had done its best to make the suitcases as secure as possible. If somebody was to take the device it would sense that it was no longer near its owner and lock its wheels to prevent it from being moved. It would also sound an alarm.

All Travelmate models include a built-in scale that accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You will never have to worry about over packing. Multi coloured LED lighting signifies your suitcase’s battery level, moving direction and shows other signals like suitcase’s weight.

The Travelmate case is currently available to order online through Travel Mate Robotics website. Prices range from 991 euros.


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