An award-winning, pure-play data centre owner-operator, providing state of the art colocation in and around London

VIRTUS Data Centres is the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider. It owns, designs, builds and operates the country’s most efficient and flexible data centres. They currently lead the industry with award winning innovation in hyper efficient, ultra-high density and highly interconnected facilities.

The company offers intelligent data centre colocation from facilities which are built in an intelligent way, from the ground up, to cater to the needs of its customers. The data centres are in the right locations – located in and around London’s metro area – offering low latency and high connectivity, and are designed specifically to offer the flexibility modern users need.

VIRTUS offers the best of traditional retail colocation including limitless connectivity, dedicated support and complementary ecosystems, combined with low cost packages, scalability and custom solutions of the wholesale model, in uniquely flexible and customer friendly ways. Customers can rent anything from a rack up to a suite, by the day, week, month or a decade, depending on their changing requirements.

Customers rely on secure facilities and uptime record for their data and applications, enabling them to store, protect, connect, process and distribute data to customers, partners and networks within VIRTUS’ data centres and the global digital economy.

VIRTUS' mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of customers through innovative, high quality solutions and services. By doing this, they can deliver the best long-term results and become the most sought-after data centre provider in the market.

The company is now committed to enhancing existing facilities and extending campuses with multiple new builds over the next two years in an attempt to become undisputed leader in the market. “Being able to store data effectively, and being able to access and interpret it as meaningful, actionable information, is vitally important to organisations across the board – and will give a huge advantage to the institutions that do it well”, Darren Watkins, Managing Director of VIRTUS Data Centres, explained.

They currently have five live sites across Slough, Hayes and Enfield. The five new builds, which will go live in 2020, will add 76MW to Virtus’ London portfolio, more than doubling the total portfolio size to 145MW.

VIRTUS is launching three new sites at the Slough Campus: LONDON3, LONDON9 and LONDON10, delivering 36MW between them to add to its LONDON4 data centre. This will bring the total VIRTUS Slough Campus to 63MW, the largest on the Slough Estate, a data centre hotspot serving London and beyond. “It’s critical that we continue building data centres near existing footprints in a campus format, with huge scale and on dense existing fibre routes, to help serve our customers better in a fast-growing market”, Neil Cresswell, CEO of VIRTU Data Centres, said.


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