With just two years on the market, it has positioned itself among the first most downloaded applications in the App Store shopping category

Yudonpay is a Spanish startup that allows you to store loyalty cards from different points of sale in the same virtual space, offering the customer the possibility of achieving maximum savings on their purchases. Supermarkets, gas stations, video games, cinemas, music, technology, food, travel ... there are many current businesses that offer membership cards. Yudonpay offers the most comfortable solution by replacing the huge number of cards that we can hardly carry on every day.

The app accumulates all the necessary information (accumulated points, discounts, expiration date thereof, promotions ...) at a glance. In this way, the customer has absolute control over their purchases and the benefits they generate, without the need to carry a lot of loyalty cards in the wallet.

The application is free for iOS and Android and has a very simple and manageable design. Customers just need to press on the card they want to use and a full screen scanned code box will open.

Javier Adroher, president and co-founder of the brand assures, after several studies of membership programs, that using the app every day can generate savings of more than 2,000 Euros a year and remember that “it is no longer necessary to wait for sales to save money”, since discounts for members are active throughout the year. Adroher also ensures that this amount increases in the case of a user who, for business or personal reasons, has a high tendency to consume in hotel chains or airlines.

On the other hand, companies establish a symbiosis relationship with Yudonpay, as it is a way to attract new users and generate a new business for them. "We have built a Marketplace, a showcase, which shows everything that can be achieved with loyalty programs, so we encourage the consumption of brands," said the president. Today, Yudonpay is compatible with more than 180 leading membership clubs in each sector.

With just over two years in the market, the Spanish company has already reached more than 500 thousand registered users. This fact has positioned the platform as a leading application in Spain and the best for managing loyalty cards.

The Yudonpay team continues to work to incorporate news and recommends that users always have the latest version of the app available. Now, the platform enables access to a catalog of gift products of different categories, such as technology, travel, leisure, pets, cosmetics or even dinners in luxury restaurants. Users can add to a list of favorites the products they wish to obtain and thus accumulate points to achieve their purpose. "We want to eliminate barriers in the point market and make all users find it useful," says the

Startup’s director. 

The short-term objective of the brand, which is available in seven countries, is to reach one million registered users. Currently, Yudonpay services are available through integration with third parties (banks, shopping centers ...) and allows the user to use the app without registering. In a next phase the company will make available to users a market to buy and sell points from different membership clubs.



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