It has an area of 12,100 m2, 92 rooms and 8 modern operating rooms that allow assistance in 32 different specialties

The Hospital Inmaculada of Granada, included in the HLA Hospital Group, is a reference center in the private health sector of Andalucía thanks to its multidisciplinary medical team, its extensive portfolio of services and the latest generation equipment and technology available to it.

The hospital, which is in full renovation, has an area of ??12,000 square meters, 92 rooms and 8 modern operating rooms that allow assistance to a total of 32 different specialties. The center also has the highest recognition from the Andalusian Health Quality Agency and the city's gold medal. 

Its origin and construction participated in the need to improve the sanitary panorama of Granada and, since then, after more than 40 years in operation, it has become a reference to the sanitary vanguard not only of this province, but also of all Andalusia.

Hospital Inmaculada it is currently part of the prestigious HLA Hospital Group, which has a presence throughout the peninsular territory. It consists of 15 hospitals, 32 multidisciplinary medical centers and a network of 35 reference units in state-of-the-art treatments. The 90% of its centers, including the Immaculate Hospital of Granada, are located in areas or cities where tourism is one of the main economic engines, so there are agreements with all health companies, both national as international

The fundamental premise of the center is based on providing an impeccable experience in the healthcare field, providing patients with proactive management, accompanied by continuous innovation and the latest digital technology to improve patient safety and obtain the best results.

The main value of HLA Inmaculada is its multidisciplinary team, which excels its delivery and attention to the expectations of patients and families. Located in one of the most central and expanding areas of the Nasrid city, the health center offers its patients a wide portfolio of services ranging from the emergency department to different medical disciplines and specialized units, hospital admissions, diagnostic means or external consultations.

In addition, HLA Inmaculada is especially committed to research, training, teaching and care activity. In this sense, they collaborate directly with the University of Granada that allows researchers of this university center to carry out research projects in the center and vice versa. 

The hospital participates in the realization of different clinical trials and cooperates in multi-center studies, as well as publications in different areas in Spanish and international journals and communications to congresses of the specialties that the hospital center currently has.

All HLA Hospital Group centers have a unique model in which information technologies are used in favor of patient proximity. In addition, they have a wide variety of services and specialties, offering medical care in the most diverse disciplines. "We have multidisciplinary units of excellence that allow us to offer a broad portfolio of services, both to national and international patients," they point out from the group.


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