The firm's management focuses on three key points: professional human team, personalized patient treatment and cutting-edge technology worldwide

Despite its young existence and just four years of life, the AA Clinic center has grown exponentially at a dizzying pace, positioning itself as a benchmark in the Aesthetic Medicine sector in Spain.

The clinic, located in Ourense, Galicia (Spain), has 500 square meters of floor area and an a full-hand of state-of-the-art machines worldwide that continues to grow. "We are constantly implementing new machines with multiple applications, in order to get the best results in our treatments" they say from the clinic.

The philosophy of AA Clinic is based on a close service to the patient, with fully personalized attention. Its team is made of experts in different specialties that complement each other, forming a multidisciplinary set that expands the medical and aesthetic possibilities and providing the patient with the best experience.

Dr. Alejandro Acuña, director of the AA Clinic, is an aesthetic doctor recognized worldwide for the introduction of the most innovative techniques in the fields of facial and body rejuvenation. He obtained the title of Cosmetic Surgeon through the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery and he is member of the Ramón y Cajal Academy in Madrid.

The doctor stands out for his contribution in the sector, introducing cutting-edge technology in the clinic he runs, such as the advanced Lipoélite plus technique through Vaser technology (ultrasound) Microaire (extraction) and Renuvion J. Plasma (retraction of the skin). It is a Liposuction technique that combines these three devices (the only one in Spain) achieving a less traumatic fat extraction, deeper, with less aggression for the patient. Having said that, the reason for its great success arrives with the final step, in which the Renuvion device (radiofrequency plus helium) achieves a retraction of up to 60% in the skin, leaving flaccid skins and postliposuctions smoother, allowing to avoid a large number of tummy tucks. It provides natural and highly satisfactory results for the patient in areas of the body such as: double chin, arms, pectorals, abdomen, back, waist, holsters, crotch and knees.

This and other techniques such as, Lipoélite, Microfit 4D and Liposoft 6D, are creations of Dr. Acuña in the Spanish market to obtain better results, in a minimally invasive way, enabling a more comfortable post-operative and minimizing the risks inherent in a traditional Liposuction.

Being up to date with the latest treatments and technologies in the sector is essential for Dr. Acuña, so he is in continuous training and shares his experiences with other professionals through congresses and courses organized throughout Spain and Portugal. He is a national Key Opinion Leader in Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin and collaborator in several radio and television programs.


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