The introduction of the most advanced techniques in urology using robotic assistance, has positioned the Dr. Ruibal among the 50 best doctors nationwide

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Manuel Ruibal Moldes is a leading urologist, specialized in robotic, laparoscopic surgery and urological oncology. He is currently head of the Urology Service of the Complejo Hospitalario de Pontevedra. He has trained in the most prestigious hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami or the Erasme Hospital in Brussels.

He began his career as a doctor and surgeon at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in Urology at the Juan Canalejo Hospital in A Coruña. He has the title of University Expert in Management of Clinical Units, as well as a Master's Degree in Medical Management and Clinical Management. He also practices private medicine as Urology Coordinator of the Vithas Fátima de Vigo Hospital.

His professional activity goes beyond the headquarters of the Complejo Hospitalario de Pontevedra, since he also teaches, is a speaker and a moderator in several courses and national congresses and author of numerous publications and multiple specialized magazines.

Within the surgical field, Dr. Ruibal has dedicated a large part of his professional career to introducing new minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy or robotic surgery, becoming an example at the national level. These techniques represent the most advanced surgery used today for the detection and resolution of urological problems. "Now we operate through a three-dimensional camera, the instruments are more precise, there is no tremor, there is no fatigue, because the robot does not get tired ... The quality of the surgery is much higher," says the doctor. Due to his experience, he is currently a trainer in Robotic Surgery (“proctor”) with the Da Vinci Xi system (Certified by the Da Vinci robot manufacturer itself).

By definition, minimally invasive techniques involve low trauma to the body, which translates into a faster and more comfortable recovery for the patient, with lower degrees of pain and less hospital stay. The current trend is to replace classical surgery with these more advanced techniques, using robotic assistance, which facilitate not only the work of the surgeon, but also the patient's life quality.

With more than 3000 laparoscopic and robotic interventions behind him, doctor Ruibal has become an expert in this technique, which has allowed him to practice sophisticated operations through small holes in almost any space and in any organ of the human body, through cameras and video monitors associated with high precision instruments.

Among the novelties provided by this new style of surgery, we must also talk about the "genetic hatching", good news regarding clinical practice, since it allows, in the field of Urology, to determine the risk that a patient has to suffer from cancer, speeding up the diagnosis and minimizing its aggressiveness.

The experience and dedication in the field of oncological urology among with the success rate that these new techniques offer to patients, have led the doctor to lead lists of the most successful doctors in his community, and has positioned him among the 50 best doctors in their specialty nationwide.


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